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Can someone check my daily menu please?


I'm new to this forum but not new to dieting sadly! Anyway I did ww at the beginning of the year and did quite well but since coming back my holiday in April I've well and truly fell off the diet wagon!!

So I've started back in ernest but I worry about my daily menus and wonder if you could let me know what you think?

Breakfast: coffee and skimmed milk 1, Kellogg brunch bar 3, banana 0

Mid morning: smoothie made with banana, pineapple, peaches and ww yoghurt 1

Lunch: warburtons square wrap 4, passata base 0, 2x laughing cow light 1, tablespoon of finely grated cheese 2, cherry Tom and onions 0

Dinner: stir fry veg 0, 200g prawns 4, 1/2 jar of sainsburys basic curry sauce 5

Snacks: slim fast caramel bar 2, mini milk 1, ice lolly 1, plus I stole a few of my boys skips 1 :)

Total: 26pts

Still have 3 left for supper.

Just feel like I'm eating loads and I know I've done this diet before but just scared lol! Plus have no idea how to fit my weeklies in when I have no plans this weekend, I don't like using them for the sake of it, is anyone else the same? Just so used to depriving myself on a diet this seems a bit too good to be true ;)

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Looks good to me! You've got the whole thing sussed it seems lol. :)

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Looks like a grand menu to me - and see you are a lovely of Warbuton square wraps as well - I have not had ordinary bread for 5 weeks since discovering these wraps...

well done and keep up the good work.
The warburton wraps are amazing!! I had one last night with meatballs I'd made as I try to avoid pasta and it was really filling. My fave is defo the pizza tho, brilliant for around 6 pts!

Have yet to find the warburton thins(?) that I've saw mentioned. Has anyone found those and what are they like?
I'm guessing warburton is an english bread company or something cuz I haven't seen those over here. Pity, the pizza sounds good. :)

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warburtons is an english company and the wraps are gorgeous. you should write to them and ask if they have a stockist near you


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Have yet to find the warburton thins(?) that I've saw mentioned. Has anyone found those and what are they like?
found them in asda and morrisons has just started doing them. i enjoyed them, not tried the wraps yet.

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