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Can someone exsplain Ketosis please

Right I have bought the ketostix from the chemist and I have tested and it shows that I am the second degree of pink so what I want to know is

What shade on the stick do I want it to be?

Why do you want to be in ketosis?

What is Ketosis?

How does it help me lose weight?

How often do you test?

Answers on a postcard please :)
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
The easiest way to explain ketosis is this:
you eat carbs, carbs turn into glycogen, glycogen is stored and is the easiest form of energy the body has to use. If you use up that store of glycogen due to eating much less amounts of carbs in your diet (usually takes 2-4 days to use it all up!) your body still needs an energy source, and the next best thing to use is......... FAT!! Your CD packs provide enough carbs for the body not to feel hungry, but not enough to store as energy. Therefore your body uses its own fat for fuel! Great huh?!! That is why you lose weight/inches so quickly but safely doing CD, because your using your own fat to carry out your everyday movements, activities, etc! So contrary to what many people may say when you start this diet, it IS healthy because you're using your fat up instead of storing on to it, and in turn making you a healthier bod altogether! Ketones are created and are found in your blood and urine. Depending how much water you drink, and how much activity you do, will determine the Ketostix readings. Please remember, that if you're doing the Diet properly - you WILL be in ketosis. Many people are using fat for fuel, but their readings on the Ketostix are poor - this is for many reasons - so not always a reliable source! Sometimes the amount of water you drink "dilutes" the readings. But do carry on drinking water - it's essential!! If you sticking to SS/790kcal - you don't need to wee on any sticks! You'll be shrinking in one way or another - even if you go through a plateau phase, just keep going and the results will come!
Sorry for the waffle - hope it's kinda helped!!

Lainey xxx


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Thanks Lainey,

I was another who was wondering what Ketosis was. Mystery solved.


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Can anyone tell me when you get in ketosis why you feel sooooo cold, I also have a metal taste in my mouth.

Oh and yesterday felt very miserable as I have been the same weight since my Monday weigh in and guess what I am again today.

I don't seem to be having the happy feeling anymore and feel like packing it in and doing WW or something as I hate being so cold all the time!!

Help please!




Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hello - me again!
The reason you feel so cold when in ketosis: Have you ever seen Liposuction performed on the telly? Well, when removed with the canula, it goes into a big tub, and looks like a slushy yellowy consistency! Before doing CD, picture your extra fat cells as a solid layer - like insulation! When in ketosis, and using fat for fuel, the body needs to break down that solid layer into a "mushy" layer, so it's easier for it to convert into its energy source. So at the moment, your body has lost its normal amount of insulation because you're shedding your layers of fat, plus the fat cells are always on the move, being circulated around to get to the "energy processing department"!!!!! That's why you feel colder - you're simply losing your fat! Bit like seal puppy losing it's baby-blubber!! Okay - so not the most medical terminology used - but you catch my drift!!

Lainey xx


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Thanks for that Lainey

I wondered why I am so cold when I am sticking to SS, its funny because as soon as I cheat just a little bit I am not as cold anymore.

I dont test for ketosis as I have shed loads of weight to loose and i am slowly going down. Also Ali throw your scales out of the window and get your CDC to weigh you once a week. One week I was really down as on my scales I hadnt lost any weight and when the lovely Ann (westhills) weighed me I lost 7lb !!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck on your journey to slimland

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