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can someone help please


is getting better at it
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im not really breakfast person but have been trying to have something but i think i have a problem,
i get up about 5.30 and have some breakfast if im hungry before i go to work at 7 the problem is i am hungry again by 10am and need some thing to eat and fruit just dont do it for me so my question is what can i take to work with me to have for breakfast instead of having it at home, i sit in a car all day and im not fond of cereals of any kind
any ideas would be good please

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youghurts, smoothies,cereal bar, crisps (low point),sandwich ( w/w bread & chicken/ham low point), soup, bagel.. If think of anymore will put more on..

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I like Belvita Breakfast Biscuits. They come in cereal and milk or fruit and fibre. There are six packets of 4 biscuits in each box and IIRC 4 biscuits are 3.5 points.

I find they keep me full for a few hours and are yum!


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I find if I have an egg for breakfast (scrambled/poached or boiled with toast or a bagel) it keeps my full until lunchtime. Today I whisked it and microwaved for 1 min in a bowl roughly the same size as a ww bagel, then had it with a toasted bagel & some ketchup - yum :p - you could maybe make something similar to take to work or maybe make a frittata (thick omelette with potatoes & veggies or whatever you like! :)) the night before & have it cold?


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Why not just have a sensible snack at about 10am??

I have brekkie at work and an apple to snack on at about 10.30ish and it keeps me going till dinner.


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Yeah maybe have some fruit or try a lowfat yougurt. I know it must be hard for you having to work out of the car. Not nice. :sigh:

I always love the look of the apple that is the Barclay Card Ad - the one on the rollercoaster. But it would kill me to it eat it. :D :D
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i love the belvita breakfast biscuits also,,you'd need a cup of tea with them as there very dry but very yum:)


is getting better at it
S: 17st10lb C: 15st3lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 41.6 Loss: 2st7lb(14.11%)
thanks all
i tried them biscuits a while back and thaought they were quite nice so may get some, i spoke to my leader today and she said to just have my breakfast when im at work and not when i get up which i think will suit me better some good ideas thanks, i have brought some fruit today so am going to try the fruit and yogurt option tomorrow morning

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