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Can someone help please?

3 years ago I lost just under 5 stone on LL and was thrilled to bits. I did not reach my goal or do maintenance as my husband died and it was all too much to manage.

I have returned to LL once before and lost the stone and a half which I had gained and now I am back for the 3rd time trying to lose the same stone and half.............just to get to my original end weight..........not actually below 25 bmi.

I have done 2 weeks and lost one stone which I am thrilled with but know that in 4 weeks time I will have a real problem as it is my 60th birthday and a lunch has been organised as my brother is flying over from Australia to spend the week with the family. I want to be able to eat the lunch and enjoy my day but I also want to complete LL this time. How do I deal with all this?

Please don't tell me that I should not eat on the birthday lunch. It would be difficult and spoil the day for others as well as for me. It has been planned before I started back at LL.

Help................What should I do??????
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Hi Sally

I've been on LLT for 3 weeks ago and my Mum's 60th birthday was last week so we too went out as a family for a meal. After speaking to my LLC we went to a local pub who were more than happy for me to be there not eating their food and provided me with everything I needed to have a vegetable soup foodpack (even offered to blend it for me, but I thought that was probably pushing my luck!). I had that for my main meal and was naughty having one of the toffee bars for pudding so I didn't feel I was missing out.

One of the best things for me was though being able to drive for everyone that night meaning both my parents could celebrate Mum's birthday with a glass of champagne.

I know it must be difficult to be doing this again but just remember that fantastic feeling you had when you'd done it once - that's what you'll have again soon. I'm sure your family will understand your commitment to the diet and be incredibly proud of you when you reach your goal!
Thanks Claire for your response. It is great to be able to do that when you are doing the diet. I did it too when I did it first time. But it isn't my mum's birthday, it is mine. It is my party and my brother has travelled half-way around the world to share a lunch in my honour. I can't, just can't, spoil all their planning for me. After all, it was planned before I started the diet. They are doing it to be supportive to me and to make a special occasion for me as I am now on my own and I love them for it.

I will probably eat just the meat/fish and vegetables and nothing else and be determined to get straight back on the diet. :(
Sally, it's your decision what you want to do and how you want to manage it. You don't need permission from anyone on here! Do what you feel is right for you in both the short and long term. Put a strategy in place and make it work (eg, let yourself enjoy your birthday plans with your brother but don't let the eating go on all week!)
I'm sure you'll make the right choices but it can be really challenging I know. I wouldn't normally advocate coming off the packs but sometimes there are more important things in life and this if it was your 59th birthday I'd be saying don't eat! Personally I would stick to packs as best you can while your brother is here but enjoy your birthday meal without feeling guilty and get back on the packs straight away.
Thanks Rachel. I think that is what I intend to do. I am never struggling with sitting watching others eat so hopefully with everyone's encouragement and support, I shall get straight back on to the programme. I intend to avoid carbs and just eat either white meat or fish and probably avoid the puds etc too.

If I have learnt anything in the last few years it is to get priorities right. Family and friends together like this is priceless. Life is too short to destroy their plans and I have to find the strength to deal with it all.
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when our group was on our 4th or 5th week one of the ladies had her 60th birthday meal that her daughter had booked for her in London way before she even thought about LL (it was a very expensive restaurant that gets booked months in advance).

She didn't want to let her daughter down and she also really wanted to enjoy the meal too as it was her 60th and was special to her and her family.

She had her meal and got straight back on to plan afterwards and although it wasn't easy she stuck to the plan 100% and completed it until she got to her goal.

This is your journey and your life and you just have to weigh up the options and make an adult decision. I would have personally stuck to packs as I did for my own birthday, but it doesn't matter what I would do and I haven't even had my 30th birthday so don't understand what it is like to celebrate a special birthday like your 60th.
Thanks for that, Goodthings, I hope to follow her success. I think it is especially important to me as my brother has flown over from Australia and believe me, although I never deviated once when I last did LL, despite all the terrible things that were happening, I simply don't want my weight to be a discussion at this point AGAIN!

I am determined to take a day at a time and also, very importantly to keep in communication with my LLC over that period as she very much wants to support me.

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