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can someone tell me what the syns are all about??

You can have between 10 to 15 syns a day these are for extra things not included in the free foods or the healthy extra's but its nothing to do with weight watchers hun its part of Slimming World
Weight watchers most foods have a 'point' value. Burgers are more points than salads. For this reason weight watchers is good at keeping your potion sizes low and is a very effective diet but you have to memorize/carry around your reference book to know what point value all the foods you'd like to eat are. Nothing is forbidden and you can *save* points for that special occasion but portion size is very restricted by number of points you can have.

Slimming world lets you choose a plan each day (red (feel like a meat day), green (nom nom want veg and pasta), extra easy (cba to think about it) - depending on the day certain foods are completely free. You get to know it really fast but if you're stupid like me you just stick to extra easy every day.

My free foods are: most fruit and veg, fat free cottage cheese, quark, pasta/rice/noodles, potatos, all seasoning, baked beans, passata, eggs, and pretty much any meat as long as its cooked right (no oil - frylight is ok)..so if i want grilled bacon, fried egg(in frylite), baked beans and grilled potato chips - i can have as much as I want without counting any of it.

Bread, non fat-free cheese and cereal type stuff is limited. You can have a certain amount each for free each day counted as 'healthy extras' but its quite limited and any amount you have over this amount has a syn value.

All non free non healthy extra foods have a syn value depending on what they are. You can have 10-15 syns a day with a chocolate bar (10+ syns) obviously costing you more than a spoonful of cornflour to thicken a sauce (1 syn).

Its great because you get to know what your free foods are - and I obv didn't list them all. Part of the fun of slimming world is in the cooking, if you enjoy that. There are so many different ways to take your favorite food and make it 'free' - syn free korma? You bet. I made a 1/2 syn (for the whole cake) free rasberry rolade - nothing without real cream but for a first attempt it was a real buzz. Guilt free cake!

Alot of the time you can find ways to fill yourself up without spending any syns at all. I tend to only look them up when im cooking with something a bit unusual like coconut milk.

You cant really save syns on slimming world - or so my group coordinator tells us. Shame if i could id eat no syns at all and binge on wine at the weekend lol but you can have flexibility, if youre going out, give yourself more but set an upper limit that you tell yourself you will not exceed and get back on the wagon next day