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can someone work this out for me?

Mrs V

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You could syn the 28g cheese at 6 syns, unless its a lighter version Hun. The laughing cow light could be your HeA.


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but i'd have to eat the whole thing for it to be a HEA wouldnt i? if i ate it in quaters what would that be? so thats like 1 and a quater laughing cows per quater, and 1.5 per quater for the cheese? so is that like 3.5 syns per slice?


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Yep, 3 syns per slice, 6 syns for half (or count as your HEA) or 12 syns for the whole thing, or 2 x HEA if you're on a green or red day.


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You could also have it as 1HA and 1HB on an EE day if you were eating the whole lot.

Our C said that you can have ANY of the A's or B's (for red and green plan) as an EE A or B and on green you can have cheese as an A and a B I do believe.

Jo x


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Cheese is no longer a HEXb on EE, unfortunately!
Fern, I'd syn it and eat it slice by slice.


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Thanks guys, i already knew cheese wasnt a HEB so dont worry i wasnt counting it as that! im counting it as 3syns a quater, 12 for the lot.

either way its not loads and for how yum it tastes. Next time i wont put cheese on top, as for the extra syns it could have been just as nice without x
No matter what plan your on, you can use the 5 laughing cows as your HEX and syn the 28g of cheese.

28g of red leicester - 5.5 on all plans (3.5 if using low fat version)

Check your food op book, its all in there