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can star week really add a lot? or did i just do well?

hi everyone, been trying (ahem) to get back on sw by trying and failing on a mix of green and ee days....all in all i have cut down a bit from what i had been eating since i had been off plan ie the crisps, choc etc but been no where nearly as good as when i was on plan 100% and going to class every week. Today i lost 4lb in a week. Star week was due when i weighed last weekend but this is the biggest loss i have ever had - i went to sw class for 6 weeks and only ever lost 4lb in the whole time....no idea why but not going to question the scales - gives me the incentive to keep going. now at the wieght i was at my last wi x
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well wieght today out of sheer curiosity and low and behold they say the 4lbs is back on...having scales in the house is a novelty hence the reason i am able to weigh BUT what weight do i go by? the 4 on or the 4 off?


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if yesterday was you official wi day then use that weight and hide the scales until next saturday,trust the plan, if you follow it properly then theres no reason to weigh 2 days in a row,good luck for nxt week :)
I would go by yesterday 'official' weigh in though I might be inclined to question if your scales are accurate?
First of all, an unexpected 4 lbs loss.....and then a 4 lbs gain overnight? Doesn't sound quite right to me.
Thanks for your replies - the scales are WW ones that are my sisters and have always been fairly accurate. Will wait til next sat (if i still have the scales) to see what the outcome is - regardless of weight i feel better for being on plan anyway - for not eating too much x
The accuracy of the scales may not be the issue, my body has ALWAYS randomly lost and gained amounts before WI- sometimes it looks like a gain of 6lbs but it almost never translates to an actual gain!

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