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Can SW really be done from home?


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I have restarted SW what feels like a million times but I have a new incentive my wedding, although not till next year I have a holiday in Costa Rica in December and want to lose at least a stone by then if not a little more....

Its not that much to lose but it's proving rather tricky. I want to do SW from home as we really need to save money firstly for the wedding and for this holiday.

I would love to hear from anyone who has been successful slimming from home and if you have any tips, i need to do this now it may only be just over a stone i need to lose but it's making me rather unhappy. I'm also quite short so all the extra pounds show

love Nixy xx
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Hi there

I started off doing SW online, then found minimins and have done it "alone" since. I found that there is a lot more info -not to mention support on here than SW online.
I think quite a lot of people on here do it at home -so there is no reason why you can't do it too especially as you will already have the info from when you joined before -just make sure its a fairly up to date book you have as some things may have changed..
Good Luck...


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I think the majority on here do SW at home, the support from this group makes all the difference. Think it depends on you and if you feel you can do it alone, but because of this group you wont feel like you are alone. Some weigh in at boots or a chemist once a week and get a printed weight loss so you can look back at your weeks. Some great losses on here so it can be done.


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I do it from home (with the help of mini mins :) ) Think i'm doing ok, losing quite nicely although have had a few bad days this week! :( I cant afford group and cant take the 4 kids with me lol. I do have the books though. But most of the info is available online xx
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I do it from home too and I find support from this forum as it is great! I can come on here when I feel like I need some support and there is so much information on this forum it is unbelievable. You will be fine as long as you have some will power. I do find that I am a bit naughty as I know I do not have to go to class to be weighed. :rolleyes:


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I do it not only from home, but from France :D And I'm "short" too. Once you have the basics, there's no reason why you can't go it alone, especially with all the resources and support on here. Good luck!


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S: 11st13lb C: 11st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ahhh your all amazing....
It is up to me and I am easily led astray when it come to being naughty so I think I need to be strong. I have tried going to class and I just get bored in the meeting.

I'm going to give it my best ever shot, I have a shopping list and will be starting tomorrow!!

Woo here comes beautiful bikini and gorgeous wedding dress...

P.s think I may start a diary


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i find that telling everone im dieting helps! stops me being naughty most of the time as i know family and friends are gonna be looking out for me losing an asking about my weight! xx
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I lost my first 6 st from home alone but used here which is a massive help! A food diary definitely helps, also tell someone your weekly WI result, whether its a partner, friend or here.

Good luck


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I've been to two different classes in the last 3 years but since April this year ive doing SW at home & I'm doing the best so far.

I loved image therapy, getting tips & hearing how people had done, but there were lots in my class who admitted they only gave 50% each week & consistently lost while I sat there wondering how I kept gaining or sts when I stuck to it 100%. I'd come home quite unhappy so doing it myself at home my moods are much better :)

If you know what you're doing & are determined & make the most of great support sites like this you'll do fine at home x
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I go to class and my consultant is truly wonderful. I am now at target but need the weigh ins still to keep me in check. If you can do it at home thats fine, horses for courses as they say but I need the disipline of group and I enjoy meeting everyone and having a chat and love image therapy. A lot depends on your c, as I said before mine is great and makes it fun.Every week without fail she organizes some sort of game and competition., that makes a big difference I think. Good luck in your journey
chun-ky said:
I do have the books though. But most of the info is available online xx
sorry to hijack but I'm on my second week as an online member. Just wondering what books you're talking about? I just have the website info. Should i get certain books in case i want to do it myself ? Thanks
I couldn't do it from home and I always say that I have so much admiration for anyone that can.
I know the rules, I know only I can do it but I need the discipline of a weekly weigh in by someone else and I need face to face support from my consultant and the group.

If you struggle then maybe join a group but if you can do it alone then good on you! Just make sure you have an up to date book.

Good luck hun. x


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Over the years I have followed the plan both from home and by attending groups.
For me, it depends what frame of mind I am in!!!
Oddly enough, it's when I am feeling the most driven that I join a group...you would think it would be the other way round! You would think that it's when I am most determined that I would be able to manage on my own?

Anyway...nothing stopping you from going it alone, in the end it's only you that can make the difference regardless of how you do it!!
Good luck


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Like Jaylou I admire anyone who has the discipline to do this at home.
I need the accountability of the weigh in at class otherwise i'd fall off the wagon big time.



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I would love to be able to go it alone and do SW at home but I just don't have the discipline and need my weekly official weigh in to stick with it.

But I do only go to class to get weighed (and add some fruit to the SOTW basket!) and then leave, I don't stay for Image Therapy. I have stayed a couple of times in the past but I don't find it adds anything or benefits me, as our C isn't the best really, in fact I don't find her very inspiring at all, but maybe that's just me. That plus the fact that when I have stayed it's take her over 2 1/2 hours to get everyone weighed and do Image Therapy!! I have to go almost straight from work so don't get chance to have dinner beforehand... and certainly can't be doing with still being there till after 9pm!

So I just rock up each week and get weighed, buy the magazines/books as and when they are out.... so even though I don't stay for the whole class she certainly gets her money's worth out of me.


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I went to class for about half a year but I am now doing it from home.
I don't feel any different about it now than when I went to class.
Im still accountable to me every week and I think I know now that I HAVE to do this, its not just that I want too, I need too!

Its not always easy but then I just come on here and I can work it out.
My food diary has been my saviour in it though. Im on there most of the day, talking away to myself and the few other lovely people that listen to me and it keeps me on the straight and narrow most of the time.

So yeah, I think you can do it from home! =)


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Yep can definately do it from home. I'm a serial dieter, tried most, and failed most, yet this time I just plod on :D

I have a diary on here, a group of friends, and I feel I am accountable to them. I fall off the wagon they help me back on, I have a bad day they motivate me, its fab :) and so are they :)

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