Can we have a Menu check for Core newbies?

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by pixiepiratess, 3 September 2008 Social URL.

  1. pixiepiratess

    pixiepiratess Going From Flab to FAB!

    Im wondering if anyone else would be up for this!? ..
    If anyone on Core add their days food and then somone more experianced could look it over to make sure were on the right track ...
    It seems so tricky! ... Id planned to have a jacket for lunch and then shep pie for tea but aparently its not great to have 2 lots of carbs such as spuds! ...

    Hope this seems like a good idea to you to ....
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  3. Jennyonaplate

    Jennyonaplate 2011 is MY year!!

    Trust me - it gets easier as you get used to it!

    I would think that jacket potato and shepherds pie is fine on core, so long as you're eating until you're satisfied and having plenty of fruit and veg throughout the day too.

    I used to post on the core board on the WW website, but there are some dominant characters on there that have some odd ideas about healthy eating, as well as following the core plan!

    The carbs that are allowed within the core foods are all complex carbohydrates, which means they release energy slowly. Basically they're good carbs and you shouldn't worry too much about eating them twice in a row - it's not like that's all you're eating!
  4. pixiepiratess

    pixiepiratess Going From Flab to FAB!

    Oh its all so confusing! ... It was the same site you mentioned hun! they said oh dont have carbs for lunch and for dinner! ... not sure though :( ... maybe im just thick lol
  5. Jennyonaplate

    Jennyonaplate 2011 is MY year!!

    I abandoned that site as they were telling people they were eating too many pieces of fruit and that the sugar in fruit was bad for you - I got the official response from WW who said it was nonsense, and they still didn't believe me - I was almost strung up by one woman for making a comparison to SW too!!

    Carbs are fine to have for lunch and dinner - if it's on the core list then it's not going to do you any harm. The diet has been created by qualified dieticians and nutritionists so if eating two lots of carbs were bad they wouldn't say you can eat unlimited amounts as part of a meal. I quite often have a huge pasta salad for lunch and then a massive plate of spag bol or a jacket spud the size of my head for dinner - not done me any harm!
  6. Jennyonaplate

    Jennyonaplate 2011 is MY year!!

    My food for today is:

    B: Muesli & skimmed milk
    L: Tuna Salad (tuna, cucumber, carrot, pepper, red onion & cherry tomatoes + light salad cream 0.5 points) + apple & banana
    S: Apple
    D: Fried eggs, core chips & beans
  7. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    The plan is:

    B: Rice Krispies, banana, rye crispbread & LF Philly
    L: Mussels, Bacon, Scrambled egg & Beans
    D: Quorn Korma (sauce 1 point) Brown Rice. Home made lentil soup & a low fat yoghurt
    S: Grapes
  8. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    Hey Sandy - are you trying Core this week. Cool. I'm actually having a week on points as I'm feeling the need to comfort eat and I need the flexibility.

    I'm very much of the view that if WW didn't want you to eat potatoes twice in one day or 'too much' fruit, they would have said so when they developed the plan.

    Some of this 'carbs are evil' stuff has its root in the Atkins diet and has no place on Core. Jenny is right. If it's on the Core list and you are having it as part of one of your three meals a day, then it's fine, as long as you stop eating as soon as you feel satisfied.

    If it didn't work, we wouldn't be seeing such good results on Core on here would we :)

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