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can you change all 3 days

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by gonnabesmall, 26 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. gonnabesmall

    gonnabesmall is doin this

    just wondered if you can alternate all 3 days ie day 1 green then mabe a red day then an extra easy day.i know you can do that with the red and green but not sure if you can with the extra easy?:flirt2:
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  3. Donnie46

    Donnie46 Slow but sure....

    Yes you can - great isn't it...
  4. pinkyfluff

    pinkyfluff Grappling with life

    According to my consultant you can mix all 3.


    Georgina x
  5. Torsie24

    Torsie24 Full Member

    I sure hope you can! ;)

    Although I'm yet to have or need a red day...
  6. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    Definitely!! I had EE at the weekend as we ate at Harvester...gammon and jacket and peas for me!! yummy!
  7. gonnabesmall

    gonnabesmall is doin this

    thats great somtimes this diet is too good to be true thanks all
  8. Leapfrog

    Leapfrog Champion actifryer

    I go through all three in one day sometimes lol :)! I can't always decide what to do, so keep my options open
  9. Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel Starting again!!

    Um, actually you can mix all FIVE - don't forget Mix 2 Max & Success Express! :D
  10. Leapfrog

    Leapfrog Champion actifryer

    :confused: Don't say that Fallen Angel. It's bad enough already :confused:

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