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Can you concieve while on the ss?


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Hi there, my name is Carol and i am on day four of cd ss, I have been trying, unsucesssfully, for the past year to concieve, I plan on continuing whilst I am on my weight loss journey, but how realistic is that? has ayone got pregnant whilst doing the diet, or should I wait till after? xx
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I got pregnant while on Lipotrim but its not recommended.

All is fine with the pregnancy but when you are SSing its really not recommended....I had roughly what you have to loose and lost 65llbs in 4 months....and am maintaining more or less well now....will go back on the diet when I have the baby and finish breast feeding to loose the last two stone.....have you thought about doing the diet for 6 months - which should be long enough for you to loose all your weight and then concentrate on getting pregnant when you will eating normally again....best of luck with your journey...


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I also got pregnant whilst on a vlcd ....but as soon as I found out I stopped. The diet does not provide enough calories etc for a developing embryo. So if you find you get pregnant whilst on the diet you must stop though you can safely do WW or SW but you must tell the leader as you need a couple of extra points/syns
Hi! I got pregnant while on Lipotrim, I have PCOS and had tried unsuccesfully for two years, we were about to start fertility treatment and after 3 months on Lipotrim I got pregnant naturally. My chemist told me that its very common and that he has had several pregnancies while women are on it including his wife! I told him i was trying and he told me it was perfectly safe and it has balanced nutrients, but he did advise that as soon as I found out I pregnant I had to stop, which I did. I have a healthy 2 year old now and I am now on CD hoping to lose the weight and try for no 2! I would say that the morning sickness i had meant that I had less nutrients and calories than while on Lipotrim!! Best of luck and sending you best wishes :vibes:


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S: 17st7lb C: 16st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.3 Loss: 1st2lb(6.53%)
Oh thats wonderful - best of luck with no 2.
Thank you Bea and very best wishes for your wee babe. They really are a blessing!


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Oh thanks for your message....am very excited!
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I wasnt sole sourcing but was doing a low calorie diet. From end first week of Jan until beginning of April, I lost 29lb.

When I missed my period in Feb - I thought it was because of the diet. When I didn't come on end of March, I did a test. By the time I did the test I was already 8 weeks gone !

I've not put anything on at all yet and am now 15 + 3 weeks.. but the diet had to be hit on the head on the spot...

The doctor reckoned dieting and losing weight rapidly makes you highly fertile. If you fall pregnant though - the diet must sop immediately
so is it good or bad to vcld while trying to get pregnsnt? there are 2 diffrent comments and i too am trying to concieve! i wouldnt want any harm to come to the baby so any ideas?


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Rapid weight loss releases oestrogen from stored fat into the blood stream and this causes disruption to the menstrual cycle.

This seems to increase fertility along with losing weight you will be much healthier.

You have to come off SSing as there would not be enough nutrition for a growing baby.

CD have various plans that might be more appropriate.:confused:

Talk to your CDC and GP.
lets hope i can get the majority of the weight off before i fall pregnant then!


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For me the weight loss helped me get pregnant but Minis advice is spot on the rapid weight loss can also effect fertility....
Last time I tried CD my CDC recommended doing 790 (or 810 as it is now).

I also posted on the CD forum about ttc while following the diet and Linda (I think that was her name :eek:) said she has seen lots of women fall pregnant whilst on CD. It was perfectly safe, but to stop as soon as you get that BFP!!!

I have been ttc baby number 2 for 18 months now. I fell pregnant the first month of trying with ds, and I was 16st 10lb :eek: so I don't think weight is always the issue. But I want to lose some weight as I feel it will give my fertility a boost, hopefully :)

I have decided that I am going to give CD810 another go. If you need a CD/TTC buddy just let me know :)



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As you get older weight can have a bigger effect on your fertility.....best of luck withe no2....

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