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Can you drink too much water???

Can you drink too much water whilst on ss or at any other time if so how much is too much.
I have read with interest the posts by icemoose on why drink water on a vlcd.
I worked it out I need and extra 4.5 glasses per day total 12.5 glasses a day sounds alot when I think of it like that. However I have surprised myself I have been drinking approx 5l a day and when I mix my sachets I always add 12oz of water. Should I count this extra water or not?
Thanks in advance for you advice.
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i dont use my shake water as a part of my water intake. i drink bout 5 l a day to be honest. was drinkin more but got really constipated. you shouldnt drink more than 4 apparently as you can drown your insides. 4-5 L should be fine



Cambridge Counsellor
You can drink too much in one go. But as a general rule if you were spacing your water intake out over the course of a day you can drink more than 10 litres a day and still stay healthy. (I've seen it written as 12 litres and 15 litres being the max)

However drink vast volumes of water IN ONE GO and you can actually kill yourself.

The minimum amount of water is 2.25 litres a day or 4 pints, this is on top of the water you use to make your shakes and soups up with.

You should also drink an extra glass of water for every tetra or bar you consume. And if you suffer from constipation or are suffering from water retention then you need to drink more than the minimum.

Don't get me wrong I would never recommend that anyone drinks anywhere near 10 litres of water a day. You are however safe providing you don't drink it all in one go.

Thanks for the advise. I have not drunk quite so much today only 2ltrs so far. Yesterday I think it was nearer 6. thought I would be good during the day but then stayed up late working so drunk some more.

Drinking too much water is extremely dangerous!!

Have a look on Google for details - people have been known to die as a result of taking on too much water.

You need to be really, really careful. I am sure that 10 + as advised earlier is far, far too much.

The Lighterlife Forum has a lot of useful information on this area so have a look on there.


Cambridge Counsellor
I have it on first hand authority from the Cambridge Medical Advisor that the problem with high water consumption is high water consumption in a short period of time.

As I already stated I would not recommend drinking 10+ litres of water a day - I can't actually stand the stuff myself and have always struggled with the minimum, but I have been assured that many people can safely drink high quantities of water providing they don't drink it all in one go like the woman I heard of doing that 'how much can I drink in one go race' who I believe died earlier in a year.

When I personally googled for information I found that the average healthy adult kidneys can cope with 15 litres of water in a day. (Couldn't tell you the site now) Not something I'd do since I don't like water.

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