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Can you explain the diet / post your daily food

Hi everyone,
I was curious about the RC diet so I took the virtual tour of their site and i'm still confused. I couldn't see any examples of daily menus to give a feel for the diet, I understand its based around calorie counting but do you get certain foods free without counting them? Or is everything available to eat as long as you stick to your calorie limit.

If you could post your food for an average day it'd really help. I'm worried I'll be hungry, 1200-1400 cals sounds so low when I'm currently starving on 1450!!

There are no groups in my area and I don't really want to pay to join the website without understanding the diet a bit more first.
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hi there and welcome to rc forum. its very quiet on this end of the forum and u will find most of us over on the calorie counting forum.

rosemary conley is a great diet. the general idea is that u start off on 1200 cals for the first 2 weeks and then move onto 1400 cals. and after 2 weeks on 1400 ur supposed to move on to a personal calorie allowance which is usually around 1600 but i find if u stay around 1400 ur weight loss is steady enough. the idea is to try to eat foods that are less than 5% fat. that is anything with 5grams or less of fat per 100grams. the aim on the 1200cals is to have 200 cals for brekkie, 300cals for lunch and 400 cals for dinner and two 50cal snacks. the other 200cals are for ur milk allowance. a typical breakfast for me was 2 weetabix with skimmed or s/skimmed milk. a WW yoghurt for snack. lunch would be soup and a sandwich, and dinner maybe chicken fillet with veg and potato. but ur options are endless. as long as u keep to the 5% rule and keep to ur cals allowance it fine.

when u go onto 1400 cals u can use ur extra cals for alcohol or a high fat treat.

the best thing i would say to do is to order the inch loss handbook and maybe the portion pots online and see how u go from there. the portion pots are a great way to keep on track of your portion sizes so that u can keep within your allowance.

good luck in whatever u decide to do and if u want to know anymore just ask xxx
Thanks Emz! I'm relieved that after 4 weeks your cals go up a bit to your personal allowance, I was a bit worried how tough it would be to keep them that low in the long term.

At the moment my head isn't really in the right place to start back on any diet after xmas. Once I get back into the swing of things at work I usually get the motivation to eat right, but for now, I'm just trying to cope!

The portion pots sound a good idea, I think i'll get some cos I hate having to weigh everything out on scales.

Thanks again! ;)

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