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Can you have to much fruit?


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A few of us mentioned this last week actually. My consultant is always suggesting eat more fruit but I have so much I don't think I could eat anymore in the day!! Im starting to find Im eating apples, strawberries etc just because they're there & not because Im hungry....Im not sure if having too much could have a negative affect on the weightloss...?!
I also seem to be eating it just because I can and not because I'm hungry. After tea I go and sit down and the fruit bowl is on the table and it's as if it's saying "eat me" and I only last about half and hour and I end up eating an apple when I have been so full at tea I couldn't eat another thing!

Mrs V

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I think its more to do with moderation than anything else Hun. Just becasue something is free, doesnt mean that you have to see how much you can eat before you are physically sick with it! (I know, I have done this with chicken before I had my gastric band fitted, I could eat 10 pieces of chicken ((well it was free wasnt it?)).
I still have a variety, but I dont eat 2 punnets of strawberries and the likes.
Just as Mrs V said really. Although SW free foods are just that...free...it doesn't mean eat until you pop! You should really be eating to your appetite. Fair enough if you're feeling snacky, then fruit is the best thing to snack on, but eating it because it's there isn't ideal. Not going to be the end of the world though. Fruit is low calorie, high in water content and helps get 'things' moving sometimes. It's definitely good to be eating lots of it. See how you get on this week.

One thing it's worth mentioning is that eating too many bananas can affect some people's weight loss. It's because they're so starchy. Some people can only have one or two a week...so 2 a day may affect you. Just one to watch out for. Might be the nanas that affect the scales rather that all the fruit overall.

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