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Can you have too much SF Foods on EE??


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I think i'm overdoing it on the sf foods. I make a meal and make sure I have 1/3rd plate of veg, or sf fruits. Then have a big pre packed fresh fruit cocktail (no juice), minus banana after tea.. Feel very full after and think as long as im doing that im getting enough of my sf foods.

But is it too much?
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I had a few weeks (as you can see from my sig...) where I kept gaining and maintaining even though I was following the plan 100% - Hexs, syns, the works. My C suggested that it could be that I was being too good - most of my meals were made up of oodles of superfree food so I was full, but full of high density/low calorie foods, and so my body may have still gone into 'starvation mode' because my calorie intake was so low, despite eating so much.

I didn't buy into it to be honest, and the following week I went a bit off-plan as I was a bit disheartened with the whole thing. And funnily enough, the following week I had a loss.

Still not sure if I believe that you can have too much superfree, or if it was just the relaxation about it on my part which led to a loss. Made me wonder though!!
Fruit and veg still have calories, so as long as you are only eating till you are full using portion control, crack on.


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I usually find that if I eat a lot of fruit I dont lose so well. My doctor says its because fruit has a lot of natural sugar, and though fruit is good for me I shouldnt go overboard with it, but rather go for more of the veggies (except limit potatoes, peas and sweetcorn). Of course sods law those are my favourites. Everything in moderation.


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Make sure you have your syns! Also your consultant was right about going into starvation mode Laura it can happen and your body goes, 'holy cow' and trys to claw onto your fat. So don't discount it.


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Yes you can eat too many sf foods All foods have calories and your body requires a certain amount of calories to function. Any surplus is where the weight goes. SF vegetables have far less calories than fruit. HOWEVER : if you are losing weight then you are not at the stage where you have to limit your SF foods Eat enjoy but listen to your body if it says you are full. Your mouth will often tell you its hungry even if your belly is full to bursting x

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