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Not losing much weight on SW

Hi everyone!
I'm new to SW and have started about 4 weeks ago. I'm doing the EE plan. I'm not very mobile but was told you can lose weight on this diet without needing to do much exercise.

Here is what I am eating nearly every day:

Breakfast- 2 Wholemeal Toasts (small 400g loaf) - HEXB
Lunch - Uncle Ben's Rice Basmati Rice and fruit (counting as 2 syns for the rice). Alpen Light bar - 3 syns.
Dinner - This varies between: Skinless chicken with veg, Jacket potato, pasta with skinny meatballs. I always try to have speed by either having veg with dinner or fruit after dinner.

I usually have around 10 syns left for the evening, and I have a sweet tooth so I'll have an areo bar (7 syns) or Mars ice-cream (7 syns).

Any advice would be great.

Thanks in advance!
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S: 12st11lb C: 10st10.5lb G: 10st0.5lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 2st0.5lb(15.92%)
Hi - it's so frustrating when we're following any diet but not losing as we'd hope :classic_roll_eyes: know lots of people who are losing weight on SW without exercising :classic_smile:

Your post looks like you're doing well with your food but noticed a few small things:

You may have had speed with your b'fast toast but you haven't mentioned it- if you haven't - SW ask that we have a third of speed foods with every meal we eat.

If you had anything on the toast did you measure or weigh it and did you syn it if it was over the HEB allowance?

You've not mentioned your drinks - if you use milk - do you measure it?

Are you using you measuring or checking your Healthy Extra A and B and syns if appropriate) each day?

You'll see some U B Basmati rice if free - here's the list:

Uncle Bens Basmati Rice, Boil in the Bag FREE of syns
Uncle Bens Classic Basmati Rice (130g pouch) 1 syn
Uncle Bens Classic Basmati Rice (250g pouch) 2 syns
Uncle Bens Classic Brown Basmati Rice (250g pouch) 3½ syns
Bens Classic Pilau Rice (130g pouch) 2
Uncle Bens Classic Wholegrain Rice (250g pouch) 3
Uncle Bens Classic Pilau Rice (250g pouch) 4
Uncle Bens Special Mushroom Rice (250g pouch)2½
Uncle Bens Rice Time Rice pot (rice only)1
Uncle Bens Rice & Grains Wholegrain Wild & Red Rice (220g pouch)2½
Uncle Bens Long Grain Rice, driedFREEUncle Bens Classic Long Grain Rice (130g pouch)½
Uncle Bens Classic Long Grain Rice (250g pouch)1
Uncle Bens Special Lemon & Rosemary Rice (250g pouch)2½
Uncle Bens Special Spicy Pilau Rice (250g pouch)4
Uncle Bens Special Egg Fried Rice (250g pouch)4
Uncle Bens Special Tomato & Basil Rice (250g pouch)4

Uncle Bens Wholegrain Rice, Boil in the BagFREE
Uncle Bens Classic Long Grain & Wild Rice (250g pouch)1½
Uncle Bens Special Thai Sweet Chilli Rice (250g pouch)2
Uncle Bens Special Golden Vegetable Rice (250g pouch)2½
Uncle Bens Special Mixed Pepper Rice (250g pouch)2½
Uncle Bens Rice & Grains Wholegrain & Quinoa (220g pouch)2½
Uncle Bens Rice & Grains 5 Whole Grains (220g pouch)2½
Uncle Bens Special Savoury Chicken Rice (250g pouch)3
Uncle Bens Special Mexican Style Rice (250g pouch)
3Uncle Bens Special Chinese Style Rice (250g pouch)3½
Uncle Bens Classic Long Grain Rice with Egg (250g pouch)3½
Uncle Bens Special Vegetable Pilau Rice (250g pouch)4
Uncle Bens Risotto Rice Chicken & Mushroom (250g pouch)
4Uncle Bens Special Mexican Bean Rice (250g pouch)4
Uncle Bens Special Spicy Mexican Style Rice (250g pouch)4½
Uncle Bens Special Special Fried Rice (250g pouch)4½

Good luck!
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S: 18st4lb C: 9st1lb G: 7st0lb BMI: 24.8 Loss: 9st3lb(50.39%)
How are your portion sizes? I know it's not supposed to be a thing on SW, but you still won't lose if you overeat.
Also, try and take your speed before, or with meals. The real purpose of it is to fill you with low-cal nutrients and prevent you overeating carbs. :)
S: 18st11.0lb C: 14st4lb G: 13st7lb BMI: 31.3 Loss: 4st7lb(23.95%)
Hiya. That is the one problem with SW. In the book it says everything in moderation. Of course it does not mean as much as you want as we all know. They really should stop some of that 'eat as much as you want'.

It seems that some of the rice lots from say Sainsbury and Tesco can be lighter in syns. Must admit though maybe not quite as nice.

Good luck with your journey. Doreen x


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S: 21st12lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 11st4lb(51.63%)
Definitely need more speed foods. A third of your plate needs to be speed where reasonably possible. If I don't do this, I get minimal to no losses. Try to also alternate with how many syns you are having each day, and not get into too much of a routine by doing the same thing (eg saving 10 syns for sweet treats at night). I made the mistake in the past of getting into a routine with my meals, and also how I used my syns, and I just stalled. Good luck xx
Thanks so much for everyone's replies! Really appreciated. I'm not really having any of my milk allowance as I have black teas, black coffee, and water only. If I do grab a coffee (latte) then I'll use that as HEXA. Maybe my portion sizes could be a little smaller - will try this and will try and have speed with my breakfast as well (which I'm not doing at the moment). I am really trying to lose weight and any advice would be really appreciated.