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Can you have too much to eat on Atkins?

Had a major meat feast today. Kinda worried as I have been pretty moderate this week and then had a bbq with my family and had about 2.5 lbs of meat (chicken,lamb and smoked sausage).

Honestly, I couldn't even eat that amount at my worst binge.

Could this damage my ketosis and if so how long will it be b4 it shows up on the testing strip?
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Well yes, Atkins said, "Eat until you are full" which I don't think means over eating. Having said that I've had some memorable binges in my time, all legal of course, so all that happened was I didn't lose weight, but I didn't gain either. Realistically, if you eat more than your body needs to function, then you won't lose weight, as to the ketosis bit, I have no idea really.
From what i understand ketosis is not only affected by carbs but also by cals. Therefore if you eat no carbs but way too many cals to what you're burning off then you'll possibly come out of ketosis and vice versa. That's how both CD and atkins work. CD by lowering the cals to only about 500cals a day but carbs to around 60g a day and the other way round for atkins, higher cals but lower carbs to 20g. Therefore if you lower one but increase the other you still run the risk of coming out of ketosis, from what i understand. However, just because you're not in ketosis you're body will still be burning fat, you just won't get the added good side effects of being in ketosis like lesser hunger, more energy etc.
nice post brit and very helpful..
Hiya, the sticks register almost immediately.


Recovering chocoholic.
Laura, why does your mood say Blah? You seem to be doing fine..

F4F, When I was in SW, they said anyone could eat a whole chicken ( on a red day) without doing any harm.
Chicken isn't my favourite meat, but I could eat a whole one easily. :D

Bad Jar

Every ounce is bounce
I do like chicken but lamb....i could eat lamb forever I think!
God yes jar, I could eat a whole lamb in my opinion. LOL. I love mutton as well, we have an Irish Butcher here who sells mutton. Meat to die for, :D

Bad Jar

Every ounce is bounce
Our local butcher sells massive mutton legs for about £10! I was really pleased to see that, especially as the lamb is about £9 a leg! I really need to make some space in the freezer! I'm sure it'd make a great curry - how else do you have it? does it roast as nice as lamb?
I do several thing with it Jar, curry yes, stew yes and also as a roast or cut steaks off the leg.


Bad Jar

Every ounce is bounce
Cant wait til I'm fit enough to go into town! I'll be using your passanda recipe. ;o)

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