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Can you see the bruises from there?

from where I fell off the wagon in quite a spectacular fashion on Saturday night :eek:

I have been so good since I started this and although I have Saturday night "off" this weekend I went to a friend's house and just went doollally I don't know what came over me :eek: Bruschetta, chinese and then pecan pie with clotted cream plus tonnes of wine :cry:

Yesterday I was determined to get back on the straight and narrow immediately but I don't think half a carrot cake muffin for breakfast and then after my saintly roast dinner - think just chicken and the rest of the plate superfree veg - I had some more pecan pie with some more clotted cream.

What on earth is wrong with me :cry:

I'm totally and utterly back on to it 100% this week but I'm quite cross with myself that my self control went so badly wrong :sigh:

Is it worth trying the half superfree this week rather than just a third to try to recoup the damage or should I just put it behind me and carry on as normal?

Thanks for listening and sorry for the moan

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Oh i know exactly what you mean...

i did the same on Friday and Satuday... and even tho I'm slightly annoyed with myself, i'm not beating myself up about it.

I was saintly yesterday. I've decided to not have any syns... (I was chuffed that I managed that yesterday), and i'm hoping that if I can do that for the next few days the result on the scales won't be dire...

I've got some melon and pineapple with me today so hopefully if I munch on superfree food that may help.

It sounded as if you had a lovely weekend - just forgot about it and move on - and don't beat yourself up about it!! It's done now.

Oh thank you Lynne - its strange though isn't it, when I thought about it in the old days I would have just been eating all day yesterday as well and this morning - so I must have come on a bit yes?

Good for you not having any syns - lets see if we can get through this week without too much damage lol!

And what a coincidence I spent yesterday chopping up a fresh pineapple and a melon and they're in bowls in the fridge as we speak - had a bowl of pineapple for breakfast, I love that!

Thank you again and yes, I'll just put it behind me and carry on downwards



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A-ha!! Great minds think alike!! And yes, you have moved on...

And this is weird - when I was deciding what to eat on Saturday evening - whether to have a jp or chips... (i had a jp!), when I was about 16 stone I wouldn't have even given a seconds thought about what i was going to have - it was chips chips and more chips please.

But now, I've lost weight and I am totally obsessed with my weight - there was no way I was going to even nick a chip from my OH's plate...

I wish there was just some happy medium - some middle ground - that I could be comfortable with.

Don't worry about it lovely, you'll be fine. We will both be angelic this week - and we'll polish our halos together! lol



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Hi Girls, It's a very sad thing when a blip in ones abilities occur and then you thrust yourselves into being this dreadful, unforgiven sinner!! Please lighten up and be kind to yourselves - you are only human after all! These things ARE going to happen from time to time and trying to be perfect is unobtainable.
Please take a deep breath, relax, own your blip as I nice little treat (then it won't grow into an almighty binge) and get back to business a.s.a.p....:)

When you get to my age, my dears, you realise that it's not all doom and gloom if you fall off the wagon..in fact quite the opposite and looked at from that point of view will help you to enjoy life with all it's ups and downs.

Take care.. Love to all...:)
I fell off big style last Sat but I just thought 'Oh well I clearly needed that' and I have just put it behind me and got back on plan. To be honest no I didn't restrict my daily syns after either as then I would have been thinking about if for longer than I needed to I just wrote it off and carried on expecting a gain and got a loss of 0.5....boost.

The quicker you forgive yourself for being human and move on the easier all round it is.

Next time send the pie and cream to me to dispose of for you LOL

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