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can you...

Hi everyone
Just a question to see what you all think, i no people say u can eat anything as long as its within your points but do u find if you eat say few bags of crisps a day and chocolate within your points of course that ur weight loss isn’t as good as it wud be if u ate more fruit etc instead? Just thought i wud ask this as i am a big crisps lover and i tend to eat couple packets a day, not anything over my points or anything, always low crisps but just something that came into my head lol xx
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Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Well fruit etc will pass through quicker and be beneficial to your body but im not sure. i have wondered myself but im happy with my loss and enjoy eating what i want when i want, more or less.
Another one of those questions I would answered too. I know someone who is on the same points as me - I would eat slightly healthier than them but they have managed to lose more weight than me. Suppose it's about the choices foodwise we make. I am not one for sweet things but sometimes find myself craving a nice bowl of cornflakes at night-time and I have to have them. Must try and have dinner a bit later in the evenings. That's not saying that I would turn down a bit of choccie if it were offered to me - LOL!!!:break_diet:
Thats great was just wonderin out of curiosity, i mean i ate quite a lot of not so good things but well within my points and lost 5.5lbs, i like the fact u can eat wat u want as long as its within points cuz i no i get days where i just wanna eat rubbish duno if anyone else is the same?lol also i luv bread and its good i can have it when i want it although i have started to eat 50/50crusts away instead but i also luv to have a wee pancake at break time or before bed, i feel that is satisfies me :)xx
You've said the banned word (pancakes). Well banned for me....I was addicted to them. Used to buy the mix from Aldi and Lidl - mind you I haven't had one for about 2 weeks now. He he :D

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