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Canned fruit

Yes, the core plan is similar to EE except you can only have 3 meals a day and only snack freely on fresh fruit and veg. They've changed it to Simply Filling now but don't promote it much.
I did pretty well on core the weeks I did it. But preffered points. Core did make you eat really healthily though!

That's what I like about SW, it is a lot like core, and really makes me feel like I'm making healthy choices, whereas I learnt on the WW points plan how to eat quite naughty stuff in liu of the things I should have been eating to be healthy.


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I still use canned fruit, I always drain it and rinse it to get the syrup or juice off it, then I syn it at 2½ syns usually for a half can of fruit.

I put it in sugar free jelly or just have some Fat Free yoghurt or VFF Fromage Frais with it.
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Can anyone explain to me why tinned/jarred fruit in it's own juice has to be syned?

I can understand cooked and/or pureed etc, but I don't get why it has to be syned if it's still the whole fruit/slices etc just in a can?



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I think it's to do with preservatives and how it's canned. canned fruit is so much sweeter, even in it's own juice. You'd eat a whole can of pears in a fraction of the time it would take you to eat a single raw pear. So they do it to protect the weight losses.
Fruit is free because it has bags of nutrients and fibre for the amount of calories in it, but the canning process takes out much of the goodness, so it ends up being pretty empty calories, therefore it is synned (cooked/dried fruit is exactly the same)


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