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Can't always fit enough food into my day!

An odd thing to say, I know. However, recently I have noticed that perhaps two or so days a week I will really eat very little. Not consciously, but it’s just because I’ve had a busy day, don’t feel hungry or forget to eat extra food. Today, for example I only had the following:

Breakfast - Homemade bacon toastie with tomatoes (light mayonnaise on the toastie + butter - 3 syns.)
Lunch - Small tin of mackerel in tomato sauce
Dinner - large steak, mash potatoes (taken as a healthy extra.) 2 portions of veg.
1 piece of dark chocolate - 3 syns
Two bananas

In total I only had six syns. This tends to happen 2-3 times a week as I mentioned. However, there are days when I eat loads and easily have ten to fifteen syns, so I feel that it balances it out. I did calorie count for an entire year, so I still subconsciously count calories to some extent. I have found that on my really low days I sometimes eat 1200 or fewer. On the high days, I can eat up to 1800 though. I know 1200/5 syns is very low and not very healthy - but there are days where I’m genuinely not very hungry. On such days I’ve sometimes forced myself to eat more in the evenings - but I do not really like to eat a few hours before bed (unless it’s a light snack.)

What should I do? Make myself eat more when I’m not particularly hungry or just leave it.
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I wouldn't worry about it too much and would certainly not make myself eat.
I only ever eat when I am hungry and most days that is just one meal, but I do have snacks available to nibble on if I am hungry.
I found my weight loss sped up when I stopped eating for the sake of eating.
Even now, at maintenance it seems to work for me.
Everyone is different, and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another, but for me it's just fine.


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What you eat on low days is good food so I think it looks fine. I definitely wouldn't make myself eat if I didn't feel like eating and often have low days which makes up for higher days.
Don't worry about it. The way I think about it is to look at my slim friends - some days they eat lots but then naturally cut down without thinkng about it on other days.


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I wouldnt say that your doing anything wrong, looking at your days food its about the same as mine. I very rarely use any syns and it hasnt done my loss any harm.

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