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cant believe i was so stupid as to buy chicken

S: 25st4lb C: 24st3lb G: 14st0lb Loss: 1st1lb(4.24%)
i cant beleive it i went to tesco and brought myself 2 packs of uncooked chicken cause i have badly struggled today. i think it is due to the fact i havent lost any weight since sunday and i am getting down about it. when i did lighterlife i lost a steady 2lb every day or every 2 days and i am not doing that this time.:cry:
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G: 10st7lb
Chicken is ok though :)

I think we lose weight diferenty everytime we diet :)

I would suggest not weighing daily and track your weight weekly.

I've seen people on here before have a very normal first week ( I.e. 3/4 pound loss) then a huge one the week after. I think it's our bodies holding onto bits for dear life :D


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Try not to let it get you down, the more you stress the more pressure you put yourself under - and stay away from those scales (says she who weighs every day). CD cannot fail to work as long as you stick to it. However weight loss isn't linear - it doesn't come off on a regular basis - I often don't lose anything by a Sunday and then by my weigh in on the Tuesday i'm 4/5 lbs down. You might only lose a pound or 2 one week and then more the next or the following week. .Stick with it and it will work. You've already lost a stone which is a fantastic start so just keep going and see how this week goes. Above all try not to lose the fact that you scales show no loss as an excuse to eat!
Are you drinking plenty of water? Let us know how it goes. If you want to chat and just have some support send me a message. I know i needed it in the early days and got great support from Rumbly Tums which really helped
Ahh Hun don't worry about it - at least you chose chicken and not pizza. I agree with Setas about putting yourself under pressure. Don't give yourself and end date for the diet - the weight will come off there is no doubt about that but you don't know at what rate. Stay away from the scales for a while as all it is doing is making you down. Just let the diet do it's magic xx
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I agree woth the others, it is so easy to be down hearted when scales stay the same then end up self sabotaging because of it!! The diet will work if you stick to it so just keep that in mind and keep going!!!

All the best xxx


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Don't weigh yourself everyday. It is really bad for your mental state.

Weigh once a week and be proud of yourself.

With regards to the chicken. Eating a little bit (you need to check the weight as i can't remember) is just doing SS+ so if you need teh chicken then that is fine. You will still lose a lot of weight.

Hang in there xx
S: 25st4lb C: 24st3lb G: 14st0lb Loss: 1st1lb(4.24%)
hey all. awaken me your weight was exactly wat i started with. and i am happy to say this week in total i have lost 6lb and 3inches off waist. mine just didnt register it for some reason but my cdc ones do. so i gonna stick to hers. means less to lose too lol. i am already doing ss+ as i have 200ml of milk a day. which i enjoy. i have just tried the caramel bar which wasnt too bad. bit sickly towards the end but nice enough.


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Don't worry about that my scale didn't move for 6 days but on my weigh in day i lost a flipping 11lbs hun, so calm down you will be surprised on your weigh in day.


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Chicken.....sounds like a good choice....now if you had bought a KFC bucket of chicken....that would be bad !

I am like you, feel rubbish if the scales don't move but they are a magnetic force every morning !!! Aggghhh!

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