here is to getting my life and weight back on track


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hello i am new to the forums!
i was in a psychiatric hospital for 5 months and in those 5 months gained 5 stone :(
chips would be on the menu for every meal there was nothing healthy to select from
due to putting on so much weight in a short amount of time
i cant walk more than a couple minutes without my back absolutely killing me my lower back that is
will my back pain go if i lose 3 stone to start with? i just want to be able to walk for the summer
im so depressed im in the house 24/7 cannot go out since i cant walk without being in incredible pain
i lost 4 pounds my first week weighed 2 days later and put on 2 pound i dont know how i stuck to the plan
guess it just goes like that but im still motivated!
thanks for reading
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Welcome to Minimins,

How about doing some chair exercises to start with? Some gentle leg lifts and arm exercises.

Well done on losing the 4lbs in your first week. I would try not to weigh until it's weigh day until you got a bit further into your weight loss as you may get annoyed with yourself if you find after a couple of days the scales read wrong. Our weight fluctuates daily so you may find that 2lb has come off.


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Welcome Mikka to MiniMins. Congratulations on your weight loss you have made a good start. I was experiencing bad back pain but since I have lost 3 stone it has helped reduce my pain. I can't guarantee that losing the weight will see the back pain gone but it could help. I am disabled so many exercises are way too hard for me. But I do some gentle exercises laying on bed and sitting in chair. But I use the rule of thumb if it hurts too much I stop. But doing a few exercises has strengthen my core and helped my back. Our weight can go up and down it could be something as simple as you ate something salty so body retained fluid. As long as you stayed on plan things will sort out. I have gained weight yet I stayed on plan. But the following few weeks I would lose it.


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Hi Mikaa. How are you doing? I look forward to keeping you company.