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Can't believe it...

I just had to start a new thread to tell the world that in 8 days I have lost a staggering 16lbs and 3" from my bust, waist and hips.

I cannot believe it!!!!

The downs have been all worthwhile.. but all your advice and support when I had those downs helped so much to lose this amount. I just need to remember that I'm never going to have another weight loss like it, and not be disheartened next week when it isn't as much.

C xxxxx
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Ready for the new me!
Indeed wow ! thats soo fab, keep it up hun :)
Thanks ladies.. I think it may have something to do with putting 5lbs on in the week before I started (I stuffed myself knowing I was doing starting last Wednesday), and about another 5lbs in the few weeks before that. With it being fresh weight, its probably come off easier.

Lass321 - its called Lighter Life. You have 4 replacement foodpacks a day which contain approx 500 cals, drink plenty of water and are able to drink teas and black coffee.

It has been quite difficult at times this week, and at points felt like giving up but I'm so glad I didn't!!

Thanks again,
C xx


Ready for the new me!
Good thinking, i wish id done that lol ! Its hard but worth it, its my second week yesterday and first week i thought i cant put up with this for 13 more weeks but i pushed through and now i feel amazing. Keep up the good work hun :).

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Flaming hell thats unbelievable but very fantastic! Well done you, I am extremely impressed, I only wish I could do that :p
You must be thrilled!
wow, well done! :)


Likes to change diets...
Must be a record!!! Well done charlielou84:)

Keep going...Its so worth it!:)


Likes to change diets...
'I just need to remember that I'm never going to have another weight loss like it, and not be disheartened next week when it isn't as much.'

Dont know how to quote but thought I would also congratulate you on your balanced thinking!!
wow!! well done you! I know you wont have the same weight loss next week - but it'll be a weight loss to add to this one and think of that figure!
I'm so impressed, i hope i have a good weight loss on Monday at the end of my first week!
Wow you must be delighted! When i first started the girl i went with from my work lost something like 12lbs in her first week i couldn't believe it :party0049:
Thanks ladies.. I couldn't sleep last night because of the shock! I have to admit I led there thinking "this isn't healthy" and praying I don't collaspe or something silly.

I really cannot believe it... going from 17.9lbs to 16.7lbs in a week is just amazing. I really do think its because it was fresh weight.. it was only May that I last saw this weight, so I put a lot on in the run up to it... 10lbs in the previous 3 to 4 weeks I'd say.. and 5lbs of that in the week before!!

Well done everyone else.. this diet is almost a miracle but bloody hard work so everyone should be really proud of themselves for committing to it and losing.

C xxx


charlielou well done you, im really pleased for you! x
Thanks Tracyd :) I got bars at last night's weigh in.. just having a crispy peanut one and I think I'm in heaven!!!!!! Think I'm going to give my bars to my nan to look after and swap them next week as I'm not sure I'll not eat them all in quick succession!! xx


is Magdalicious
Good stuff! First weeks are 'big' because your body is mainly getting rid of the excess water it's accumulated during your 'eating' times. As it's losing that it's also getting rid of glycogen, a substance that's there to preserve energy from the sugars (carbs) you consume. Once that is gone you'll start burning your own fat ( ketosis )
Wow! If thats not motivation I dunno what is!
I hope next week is a good amount too.. I've definitely been in ketosis since day 3 as I bought ketostix to check. I actually think I went into ketosis from day 1 as my hands were freezing, my mouth foul and had absolutely no hunger at all. I've been really lucky in that respect because since starting, the only time I've had real hunger pangs is just before I fall asleep and usually a mouthful of water gets rid of it!!

C xx
have to say futureyummymummy that I was ready to give up on Tuesday night and eat something forbidden but so glad I didn't!!

Hope you're feeling good hun xxx
I bet you are, this diet is amazing. It's literally life changing and the best thing I've ever done (althought he first time round was soooooo much easier!).

I still look at all my pics and think WOW, but my daughter was worth every extra lb that will now fall off before my very eyes :D

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