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Cant believe what I just did.


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I went shopping with the intention of getting a fathers day card and pressy. I popped in Tescos and stupidly went down the crisp and chocolate isle. I bought a tub of pringles and a multi pack of kitkats and some echo bars. I walked home with the intention of pigging myself out in later. This has always been my downfall in the past and I have never given in to my pig out cravings once the stuff is bought. Anyway I was stood there in the kitchen hiding the bag because my other half came in the kitchen. He was stood there talking to me and I felt like I was hiding a horrible secret just hiding the food. Then what to my shock did I do, I confessed and it made me cry and told him to go hide it so I didn't eat it. Well talk about shocked I have never ever ever bought stuff like that before and not scoffed it down. I am feeling very chuffed with my self now.
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Awwwwh well done you. This whole journey is all about choices and we end up fighting with ourselves about the right/wrong choice.

If you had eaten all that stuff, the euphoria would have lasted 3 mins tops and then you would have felt so bad.

Instead you feel great. Ok you had a wee emotional confession time but you've come out the other side stronger.

Don't forget that and use that knowledge the next time you're in Tesco's temptation aisle. Just remember you dont need the stress of hiding/confessing/crying/feeling bad and good when you get home hehe !

Well done you !


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GOOD FOR YOU!!! Great you have some home support too. I REFUSE to buy in chocs...if my teen kids want any they have to get off their butts and get some from the shop.


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well done - you made the hardest decision, but the best one!

if you're ever feeling like you want to pig out make loads of free foods, like pasta dishes, and eat them until you don't want to eat anymore!!! lol


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I am totally with you on that score. Last week I bought a Ripple and a Creme Egg Twisted AND some chocolate digestives.. planned to eat when I got home!! But I did think it through and I confess the Twisted did pass my lips but none of the others.. Its mad isnt it. I felt kind of dirty afterwards. So now if the food I want is making me feel this way Im going to avoid it. I deserve better!! (saying that there is a chocolate chip digestive in the kitchen that is calling me, have syns left so I may be tempted into feeling slightly grubby)


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I always allow myself a 'fat day' after WI to get all the cravings out of my system. I also have something to look forward to each week.
Sorry abou my weird relply bu i ipped coffee on my lapop and some of my keys suck and as you can ell no all of em are workin!





Addicted to Minimins
Sorry abou my weird relply bu i ipped coffee on my lapop and some of my keys suck and as you can ell no all of em are workin!



Lol no worries hope you get it sorted soon.:D My keyboard is indestructible the kids have spilt absolutely everything on it and not in little amounts either.
Well done you!!
I am jealous, I bought a choccie bar, and my other half (the great support that he is), said lets melt it and dip strawberries in it, was absolutely lovely, but boy did I feel guilty afterwards!


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Well done!!! i've gone out and bought stuff before just to pig on, when you're eating it you feel great and then you just want to vomit so it was like it never happened (not that I'm saying anyone should or that I ever did.) But i know what you mean, it's ridiculously hard to stop yourself. You've made a big step forward, congratulations :) x

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