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Can't decide between CD & WW


Still Climbing That Hill!
C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8
I really love the fast results with CD but find it too difficult to stick to so im considering WW again i have only tried it once and that was at the end of last year and only for a week i loved the food and was surprised how much i could eat but on the other hand i really want to do CD i alway's start the day off on CD but by evening i have alway's failed yet again.

CD v WW ?? i really don't know as with WW i know i will eventually eat more and more thinking a little more of this or a liitle more of that won't hurt.
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Still Climbing That Hill!
C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8
Sorry no i didn't Myrtle i'll go and have a look.
Hi there

I am not a CD expert, just started Monday for the first time but I can tell you after years of WW failure I am enjoying the discipline of CD over WW.

Yes the food thing can be fantastic and like all new diets, we are full of such enthusiasm but I think you will be disheartened by the slow weight loss results with WW (like I was).

I used to follow my points, workout like crazy to loose a measly 1/2 lb. This was followed by blow out, re-start, blow out, re-start mentality as I was not seeing fast enough results for the hard work I was putting in.

I would ultimately cheat myself by eating rubbish for 20 points rather than a nutritionally balanced diet. I personally need a break from food. I have confused myself too long with "can't eat that, shouldn't eat this", that it makes me want it all the more only to be dissapointed.

Ok, ramble over.

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Hi Petal,

Ok, at the risk of sounding harsh, no diet is going to ever work unless you stick to it! Yes you can eat on WW, but as you say if you gradually eat more and more you won't lose weight, exactly the same if you eat on CD! Yes CD is hard work, but you get results quickly, as opposed to a much slower weight loss on WW. By "cheating" on either diet all you are doing is prolonging your misery lol

Corinne x


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if you are finding sole source too difficult why not try 790? you will still lose around 12lb a month which is 3 times what you will lose on WW. Many people find that just having that small evening meal to look forward too helps them to stick to SS during the day.
I am following ww after losing on cd. I am finding it harder to stick to than sole sourcing.
Don`t get me wrong i`m enjoying the food ( who wouldnt) but ss is so simple it just takes food out of the equation altogether.
I needed the fast loss of weight on cd to keep me motivated and seeing results,
And to be honest I couldn`t have stuck at ww long enough to have lost the amount of weight I lost on cd.

Sorry not much help but both are good in there own ways.
you will still lose around 12lb a month which is 3 times what you will lose on WW. .
Not strictly true. People do tend (if theyre sticking to it) to lose more than 1lb a week. About 1/2 to 2lbs a week is average, some people lose more. I lost an average of 12/13lbs a month when I started although this has now tapered off to half a stone a month. If I got off my backside & did some exercise it could probably be more :rolleyes:

I think deciding what to do depends very much on you and your lifestyle. I know I couldnt take food out the equation the way you do with CD, I like that WW has re educated me in how I eat etc, habits that will stay with me.

However, you definitely cant beat CD for a quick result.

What ever you chose the main thing is its one youre happy with - and can stick to :)


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Why dont you give 790 a try, if you dont get on with it then you know that perhaps another diet is best for you? Everyone is different so what suits one wont suit another. I have always done 790 and I love it, I will admit I have been a serial blipper but when Im good I average 3-4lbs loss per week on 790 and I know stbg on here is on 790 and is also getting on great with it and having good losses.
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I was having the same problems, doing WW now but not happy with slow progress. Think the others are right try the 790 approach and at least you will have a meal to look forward to on an evening.
Good luck and keep us posted on how you do.
Hi, I did ww for my wedding four years ago and when I started CD I knew I had to re programme my brain, on ww I lost 3 stone in 7 months stuck to it ridgidly and went to the gym five times a week, I personally need to get away from food then re train my taste buds and portion size, I also need to learn about cals, I know what's bad and what's good but not more refined choices.

It's all personal but as people have said if you cheat on any diet it won't work. You've got to decide which you think will work for you and once you've made that choice stay firm and don't cheat xx

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