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Cant do this!!

I am so upset with myself! Ive spent the morning crying... I just cant do this anymore!!

I was having a good week and was doing well and now I just dont want another shake!

Ive tried 4 times to get back into lipo and i just cant do it :cry: but I dont wanna be fat anymore... I know that i have to decide but i just dont want to do this anymore... its bloody torture!
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on the up lol
aww come on hun, u can do this,
u did so well first time around,
what i did when i found my self feeling down (yes sheep did have moments to )
i wrote down on paper how i was feeling about my self being fat , why i hated it and so on, and why i realy wanted to do this diet,
the diet won, every time i had a * blip* i read my paper, try it and see how u go hun, and cheer up :)


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Hannah....the first time is definitely the easiest. Its really tough to get back on the wagon.

Have you thought about CD? It might be just what you need. They have a few options that you might like....some where you have two shakes a day, plus a meal in the evening. After SSing, it feels like HEAVEN!!!

If you can stick to LT FAB, but rather then stopping completely check out the CD threads hun.

Good luck.xx
Hannah, you are so young and so beautiful, you owe it to yourself to win this battle for YOURSELF. It wont be long if you persevere. Look how well you have done so far. Life is full of things that we have to strive to achieve, its all part of living our lives. Put your tears behind you, have your shake, its only nutrition, it isnt your life. Soon you will be able to enjoy your meals again. If you stop now you wont be any happier, you will be more sad. Please stay calm, stay positive and motivated.
You are just at a low ebb at the moment. Could you go for a walk to clear your head?
Remember that if you eat you definately wont be any happier, you will feel worse.
Good luck Sunshine.
Lynne x


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I have just looked at what an amazing amount of weight you lost on your 1st stint of LT,you should be so proud of yourself!! why not bite the bullet & give it your all & remember its only 1st 2 or 3 days that are the hardest & im sure when you get your next wi your feel more positive again....go on you can do it,good luck!! & remember were all here for you!! caz xx
hi Hannahike after refeeding for my hols I no where ur coming from I have found it really hard this week and came on here to ask for aa kick up the a==e and got it you can do this your losses show you can take 1 day at atime have plenty of water talk to someone about how you are feeling maybe OH or a friend who knows your doing LT whatever you decide to do all the best



I love my purdy shoes
You can do this, sit and really think about it. Get into the right mindset. If you need a day, a week or even a month to get your head into where you want it to be. Yeah Lt is an easy way to lose weight but its a psychological battle aswell as a physical one. If you feel you can't do it thats ok don't beat yourself up about it...there will be a time that you say to yourself "I can do this,I will do this" Once your mind has caught up with that you'll fly through xxx
Thanks guys...... I pulled myself together... read a few posts on here, put High School Musical on and had my shake!


on the up lol
good job hun, shame about th H,S,M tho lol just kidding :p
Hannah am so glad you refocused I agree with what has been said you are young and lovely...I wish I had done this before I got to my age I feel I have missed out on many things with my weight holding me back...good luck xxxxxxxxx
well done hun, dont give up ya have done exceptionally well so far, all the best and let us know how ya get on
aww hun. I know how hard it is.. we all know how hard it is.. but you can do it.. can't you change your diet? What about slimming world or weight watchers? I could never try those diets where you just eat shakes and soups.. I need real food. Don't give up! xx
Good luck hannah, you've done so well before, you're only a few mths from goal now!! I hope you feel a bit better tomorrow xx
You can do this hun, if you really want to! It has been all the posts along these lines that have helped make me stick to lt and decide not to have a break until I get to target! Much as I wanted to eat today (just salad I hasten to add!) I resisted coz I know that it will be hard to stop there and get back on the wagon!

As has already been said, you are gorgeous now, you'll be an absolute stunner when you get to target. Like Angie, I wish I had done something about my weight years ago because I feel I have wasted so many opportunities coz I was obese.

Come on hun, you are only cheating yourself out of a fantastic future by not continuing with this diet which has given you brilliant results in the past.

We are here for you whenever you need us.


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