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Can't fathom it ..... am NOT happy!!!!


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Ok - here's the thing - firstly I want to thank you all so much for your birfday wishes - what a lovely group you all are - and so good to be back with you all again - had a gr8 day thanks - come Monday I was back on SW (ok, Sunday was on the back of my b'day so I didn't start til Mon) - you know how it is!!! Ayhoooo, I thought, just for the fun of it, that I'd weigh myself each day this week - yeh yeh I hear u cry, don't do that - but on Mon I weighed in and got my 'starting point' weight - Tue, Wed & Thu all ok, same reading as I expected, no loss (or no gain) - but come this morning I apparently had shot up a pound - what the heck...??? Have STUCK to it plus have been eating SS food (ie) baked beans ... phwaaaarp - plus melon and strawberries - wanted a quick fix week so chose SS foods for a kick start, so how the HECK did I read a pound heavier? It has really killed my day ...... ok ok a pound, what the hell and all that but as we all know, when we try so damn hard, a pound heavier for NO apparent reason at all is a lot ... HELP - am totally hacked!!!!! As I wanted a kick start, I have't even had ONE syn in these past 4 days...... is it possible to each too much of the free food? Have stuck to 3 litres+ of water a day too - this has kinda given me a kick in the teef - Plse come back to me before I reach for the donuts - am gonna do Gala this afternoon - need to kick some old ladies sticks from out under her......... I'm joking, of course ...... or am I ..... :mad:
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Dont be despondent. Weight changes from day to day and I would expect that by the time your first week is over you will have lost x x
keep going and look forward to the lbs dropping off


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sometimes it takes a few days for the weight to go on so just stick with as you say you have been good for the last few days and you will probably see the results in next weeks weigh in .good luck hun and dont eat them donuts or you will feel worse xx


rainbows holiday buddy :)
this is why you shouldn't weigh yourself each day. (i do it too!)

your weight fluctuates throughout the week and it may be something simple like water retention or the aftermath of what you ate at the weekend. when you eat something bad it doesn't turn to fat immediately.

however, if you carry on being good with your ss foods, etc you will see a loss. try fitting in a few days with success express. one of the best meals on that is baked beans(1/3 of plate), scrambled egg, quorn sausages, mushrooms, tinnned tomatoes(2/3 of plate) and hex b wholemeal toast. you'll be stuffed and it will give you a greater weight loss.

don't worry about the scales until the day you weigh-in...just use it as a guide to turn around any damage. you never know, you might weigh yourself tommorrow and have dropped 2 lbs.

have a good day and stay focused :)


rainbows holiday buddy :)
Agree with all above but just wanted to say that not having your syns will not speed up your losses. Don't deprive yourself of them, they are part of the plan, use them, treat yourself!!!

i defo agree with that. don't deprive yourself or you'll end up losing the plot and sabotage your diet. a little of what you fancy is the key to steady weight loss.
Chin up Hun, what you need to take into consideration is that if you have been off track for a while....what you had eaten the previous week before can have a detrimental effect on your 1st week.
Keep at because you know you can do it.

Ruthy xxx
Mod Karen you mention success express - can you tell me what that is - I am doing plan online and I think we miss out on quite a bit of extra info Thanks x


rainbows holiday buddy :)

it's definately on the website - try typing it in to the search as this is the only way i can find it without spending half an hour trawling through the site.
  • Every day enjoy three Success Express meals. Success Express meals follow the Two to One plate principle. Fill two thirds of your plate with Superfree foods (listed in your Food Optimising book). Fill the remaining third with foods that are Free on Green or Original, or you can have both together.
  • Every day enjoy three or four Healthy Extras as usual, from either the Green or Original lists. You can add these to meals or have them as snacks!
  • Enjoy your usual 5-15 Syns a day, as part of a meal or as snacks. Where you have a food with a Syn value, count the highest value. Eg, a thick pork sausage would always be 8½ Syns.
  • Snacks, starters and desserts that aren’t Superfree or Healthy Extras are counted as Syns, eg smoked salmon as a starter would be counted as Syns because it isn’t Superfree. A starter such as melon is Superfree.
  • If you find yourself towering up the 1/3 part of your plate it’s not a true success express meal and you may be better going for Green, Original or Mix2Max.
for example:

fry up
1/3 of plate = baked beans and bacon.
2/3 of plate = mushrooms, tomatoes, scrambled egg
add wholemeal bread as a healthy extra and a some ketchup (sins)


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Agree with all above but just wanted to say that not having your syns will not speed up your losses. Don't deprive yourself of them, they are part of the plan, use them, treat yourself!!!

Spot on, I actually put on if I don't have my Syns.
Thanks for description - going to try this all week and see if I can kick start myself again x x

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