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Can't find Quark anywhere, grrr

Where have you tried? I've got it from Sainsburys, Morrisons and Tescos in the past. For the life of me at first I couldn't find it but asked someone who was working there and they found it for me as it wasn't quite where I expected it would be. It's worth tracking down though as does make things lovely and creamy

It is next to the cream cheeses generally...Asda stock it too, as does Lidl.
hi hun,

Tesco defo do it - bought some today - and that was in a Tesco Metro - so they should 100% have it the bigger stores! Its' yummy...had mine for lunch wrapped with smoked Salmon! Mmmmmm xx
I got some at the weekend from Sainsburys. I was looking by the cream cheeses for ages and couldn't find it so in the end I asked and it was by the "continental cheeses" xx


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A friend has been to Morrisons near Lowestoft this morning and got some there. She said it was slightly to the left of the hard cheeses in the soft/cream cheese section. That's the same place as in my local one so it could be the same at all of them.
I usually get it from Morrisons, in the chilled dairy section alongside the natural fromage frais, creme fraiche etc.

Half quark and half plain yogurt with a couple of eggs beaten in makes a great sauce for quorn moussaka and lasagne, by the way. I don't make them too often though because I can scoff the lot by myself. ;)


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It's the way they hide the half fat creme fraiche with the milk that gets me.

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