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Can't get it off!

Why do you want to loose weight? Is it truely for you? If it is for you & mainly you then you should be able to do it.. :)
What diets have you tried and what you thinking of doing next?
Hi and welcome. Decide how you are going to do it and concentrate on one day at a time. And write down everything you have.

Do you need to go to a class?

Irene xx
I want to loose weight for myself for one and two my doctor tells me I need to loose the weight. I think I would really feel more comfortable with myself if I did. My husband says I am fine just the way I am but I am not happy.

In the past I have tried Atkins and some others (no particular name) that other family members have done. About 5-6 years ago I went on a salad "diet" and was able to lose 10 pounds but after a while I got tired of salads. I am however trying to watch what I eat. I have also been seeing a nutritionist to help with healthier eating.

Once I get on track I just neeed to stay on track. I find myself snacking at times. This is why I need support and/or any helpful advice from someone who has been their.

Thanks for your words of encouragement. I have been seeing a nutritionist to help me with healthier eating. During my visits she makes sure I keep track of the things I eat and how much I eat. It has helped but I every visit I see my weight fluctuate up and down.

What things have you done to loose the weight?


gunna be a fatty for ever
Hiya an welcome to minis

i think you should go down the 3 healthy balanced meals with fruit and nuts as snacks!

dont deny your self a particular food and eat 'bad' food occasionally and in moderation.

I find if i deprive my self i only want that food more!

Its a lifestyle change and you need to re-educate your self to eat less and more healthily. Its a long road to recovery and i have only just left the start line. However you cant focus on doing it fast!

Slow and steady wins the race!

good luck on what ever path you follow! I wish you every sucsess

love katie


Lover of Extra Easy
Hi and welcome to the forum.

After trying almost every diet known to man I have found that Slimming World is the one for me. That is because you can eat a lot, snack a lot (on the right things, obviously) and still indulge in some foods and/or drinks classed as a no-no on other diets.
Why not have a peep on the Slimming World section, and see how much people eat and yet never feel deprived while loosing weight?
Good luck with whatever you do choose.
If you want to come at this from a different angle try a Pod Cast called "Inside out Weight Loss". It works on the way you see yourself & the premise that we all know the right things to eat so it does not prescribe a specific eating plan. I find it useful.
=) welcome x

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