cant get my chips crispy! :(

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by miss.mooey, 5 June 2014.

  1. miss.mooey

    miss.mooey Well-Known Member

    I decided last week i wanted to try a few new veg and fruit that ive never tried or cooked with before... and here we come to my dilemma.

    i have sweet potato and i CANNOT get them to go crispy in the oven :(
    I have tried par boiling, not par boiling, cooking them for 45 mins, higher temp and the list goes on. I even tried usin a potato chipper - needless to say that didnt work and nearly injured myself lol

    Anyways just wondered if anyone would be my kitchen fairy and had a solution for me?

    Thanks in advance :D
  2. midwife1311

    midwife1311 Well-Known Member

  3. midwife1311

    midwife1311 Well-Known Member

  4. miss.mooey

    miss.mooey Well-Known Member

    Il give it a try... thanks :)
  5. b_44

    b_44 Well-Known Member

    Are you leaving the skin on?

    I've not tried it with sweet potato but when I use regular potatoes leaving the skin on crisps them up :) x
  6. miss.mooey

    miss.mooey Well-Known Member

    Yup... i prefer my chips with skins
  7. MrsTinaV

    MrsTinaV Loving Married Life

  8. Roziee

    Roziee Well-Known Member

    180 degrees for 45 mins. If they're not crushing up then first bake them until they're cooked then crank the heat up.
  9. miss.mooey

    miss.mooey Well-Known Member

    ive got these but never thought to use them for my chips lol always use them for hubbys chips and onion rings... il give it a go :)

    do u par boil them?
  10. tranquility

    tranquility Well-Known Member

  11. Roziee

    Roziee Well-Known Member

    I don't parboil them no.

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