cant manage ss - 790 any advice


Ive been on ss now for nearly 2 weeks and I must admit im finding it really hard to stick to. I am seeing my cdc this afternoon and was going to ask her about the 790 plan.

I have about 5 - 6 stone to lose and was wondering how much you lose on the 790 plan. Has anyone on here done it this way? Id be really interested to know.

I havent done it with 790 but have read on here that as it's still less than 800 cals a day you lose weight at a similar rate as ssing. I'm sure a CDC will be along soon to help.:)

Good luck with whatever you decide and well done for doing 2 weeks of ssing. I think that is such a fantastic achievement - if you do stick with ssing i'm sure it can only get easier. :)
MY CDC said last night that the government (or whoever makes these rules !!) have said that a woman on less that 1500 calories a day is technically following a low calories diet that will make her lose weight if used consistently. 790 calories a day is way off the recommended daily allowance of 2000 (I believe) so there's no reason to not lose weight. Also I believe you can still be in ketosis on 790 although you could try add-a-meal first.

However, I have heard that 790 can make you hungrier than ss as it contains some carbs but I may be confusing this with 1000. I'm sure someone will give you a better response than this (sorry not v helpful!!) ;)
Hi Janey

Can I ask what you are finding so difficult about the ss'ing?? believe me i know it is hard BUT the results are sooooo rewarding and i'm wondering if you see a good loss on your scales today will you change to 790???

i do think that the 790 plan is about 1lb a week off what you could lose doing ss so it is still a great loss....

I would just be a little bit concerned about putting food back into the equation so soon into ss'ing... thats just a personal thing tho, maybe you are different to me and would be able to be very strict and only have the 790 cals with the advised foods... i know i wouldn't have been able to... still bloody can't lol lol

Gen xx

I have been doing the 790 plan and would recommend it
Others have told me that the weightloss ought to be similar to SS, although save for the first week I have had less dramatic losses than other people on this forum who are ssing

I just like being able to choose some nice veg or salad and to have dinner with my husband I am hoping that 790 will be a plan I can actually stick with over the long term - whereas I suspect that for me just doing SS would be too hard