Cant see to get back on my diet


Hiya im struggling a bit I went out on friday for my birthday had some fish @ chips at the seaside and I enjoyed them so i did not bother with my diet on friday but since then I cant seem to get back all I am wanting Is sweet things I need to lose weight I have got a lot to lose as my health Is suffering through my weight dont know what to do.Im always hungry too.
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a bit different everyday
hiya bethany
which diet are you doing?
if it is one of the formula diets then the more you break it apparently its harder to get back on so the main thing is too try your hardest to stick at it, are you drinking enough water? because that really does help with the feelings of hunger,
what you should do is take it slowly and maybe have 2 packs a day and a small evening meal of white meat and green veg untill you are ready to go completely onto packs again
i am not an expert as this is only my third week so anyone with more experience please correct me if i am wrong,
also can you really afford to buy the packs and pay for food as well, the packs are quite alot of money so once you buy them you should really think...right thats it thats all my food money gone and use any leftover cash to buy good treats like magazines nice bubble baths ect, this is what i do and have had far more cash to spend on nice things than before when i was buying takeouts all the time

hope this helps
good luck and lots of hugs
nat xx


The Diet Guy
Hiya B!

It is the problem with coming off the diet for a while, it can be a problem.

My advice is to use water as your food until you are back in ketosis, every time you want to nibble drink a big glass of water and just hang in there.

You have to want to be slim more than eat (which you do!) so be super tough for a few days and you'll be back into it.



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Bethany have you thought of maybe changing diets til you get started. Getting into the right frame of mind is so important but personally Ive found getting support and back up important too. Have you thought of maybe trying WW or SW for a while. Theres a few of us doing that and are able to help each other out. At the moment youre totally on your own with the unit diet.


a bit different everyday
gosh sorry bethany all my advice was useless then:eek: ,
apart from the water thing any diet will benefit from drinking a fair bit of water, as your not worrying about ketosis you could always mix it with sugar free cordial or buy flavoured water it may help
nat x