Cant seem to shift this weight! Help?

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  1. Abbi098

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    Hi thought id post on here to get help from success stories to spur me on to shift this weight.
    I started of at 15st last summer, i felt perfectly fine in my own skin, sure i was big but it felt okay my partner didnt mind how i looked but when i went to see family they started commenting on my weight and watching everything i eat basically judging me so i became very insecure and started to hate the flab, so when i got home i went onto metabolism tablets and in less than 1 month i lost 1st! I was chuffed, i kept up with them but it started to not do anything so i tried calorie counting on the app MYFitnessPal (fab app) that worked fr a while then i just gave up as i kept getting ill with stomach pains i already have PCOS but it wasnt that, well after months of going back an forth to the doctors they found out i was actually lactose intolerant and it had made my stomach stretch so much i no have a stomach full of stretch marks so as you can guess the weight and stretch marks i got pretty low!
    Anyway to rap things up im trying to get back into losing weight and tone my stomach but just cannot lose anything i cant do shakes (lactose) so can anyone help me with advice or a diet that has worked for them.
    Thank you so much for reading my story :)
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    Morning Abbi, here are 2 links that I found, Hope they are of use to you.
    Good luck and all the best on your Weight loss journey. Let me know how you go.
    [h=3]Lactose Free Diet[/h][​IMG]

    Lactose Free Diet at eDiets. Diet Plans and Weight Loss Programs.
    www.[B][/B]/diet/lactose-free-diet - Cached

    [h=3]Lactose Intolerance Diet - Diets - Plans for Weight Loss and ...[/h][​IMG]

    Lactose Intolerance - Dietary Guidelines for a Lactose Free Diet.
    www.[B][/B]/diet/lactose-intolerance - Cached
  4. No1disneygeek

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    Cambridge diet do lactose free shakes :)
  5. Leighthesim

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    Try one of the slimming clubs :)
    i know on slimming world we have lactose free healthy extras, and there's enough information about to try it for a week and see how you get on :)

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