Hello everyone, Was all geared up to begin again today, went to the surgery to pick up my supply and they still hadn't received it, so now it will be Monday before I can begin. Feeling a wee bit disappointed, you know how it is - once you make your mind up you just want to go for it. But I was just thinking maybe it's a good thing because I always find the weekends harder, this way I'll hopefully be into the 'swing' of it, by next weekend. I'm also very busy at work next week, one girl is off and doing extra hours, I think that will help too. Help to keep my mind off of that eating thingy.
But monday it is then. Thanks you for the encouraging words.
Sorry to hear about that but at least you can concentrate on getting your water intake up a bit and cutting down on the carbs to make the first few days the easiest you can ;)
Hi Anne-Marie,

It is ever so disappointing when you have yourself all ready to begin and then told you have to wait...:(

As chicken has said if you cut down on your carbs and up your water it will make it so much easier when you do start and you could avoid must of the side effects.

I did this and was in ketosis in 24 hours:)

So you can use this time well and also I find Saturdays very hard myself...Sundays not so bad.

Love Mini xxx
Way to go Anne-Marie

You just get right on back to the LT on Monday, we want to hear that you're doing it and giving it 100%.

I'm putting new thread which may help people to get back into ketosis.

This came to me in a vision this morning.

Marylyn xx
Sorry you can not start today,as has been said already cut down carbs and increase water to help you when you do start.Looking forward to hearing how it goes.
Good luck for tomorrow. I am also starting tomorrow, and so is another user on this site called Roch. Tomorrow is the start of a new era for you. It's going to be a great one.