Can't stop buying clothes!


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I am terrible - I just cant stop - my poor Next account!!!

I went to Lakeside tonight and I bought some bits in Primark; a leather jacket and a pair of lovely brown boots and also a black jumper thing for work - oh and a pair of brown combats. All for £61!

Also took my Oasis jeans back and got a 12! It started out at the beginning of the month as 16s, then 14's and now 12s haha!

Also bought a roll neck black top in H&M.

My feet huuuuurt bad - but it was so enjoyable - early birthday presents for me!!

Im terrible, I just enjoy my new figure and cant stop buying the clothes, things fit so much better now!

Anyway, must go - oh well i suppose its not that bad i am selling things on ebay.

Waffle waffle........

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Hi Unreal

We are so lucky that clothes aren't such an expense these days especially when you can fit smaller sizes!

So much better that you can't stop buying clothes, rather than can't stop eating.

Long may it last and enjoy yourself.

Dizzy x

getting there!

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One word for you....... Ebay!!!! i'm selling all my bigger clothes and buying smaller clothes all the time it's great and my bank account isn't suffering too much!! more like swapping than buying.... hopefully i'll be trading in my size 14's by Christmas and getting 12's here's hoping!!!!!!


A pound at a time
Whoohoo for new clothes. It's great huh? Trade one addiction for another. Eating for shopping. And shopping looks better on.