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How to stop self-sabotage!


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I didn’t know whether to post this in the low-carb forum or here, but as I guess it’s a psychological issue, anyone on any plan can probably advise me.

My problem is the eternal one of self-sabotage. I am stuck in a cycle and have been for years now, endlessly treading water (and actually sinking a little bit each time) in my weight-loss quest.

High fat low carb is my diet of choice. I’ve tried lots of plans over the years, and I used to be successful with Slimming World, but now high carb makes me feel bloated and unwell. I am a member of the diet doctor website and think I have a good understanding of what the human body needs to be well.

And when I follow high fat low carb I feel well. Energy, motivation to exercise, skin and sleep improve and no gastric problems at all. Start getting a bit slimmer – I don’t weigh myself as I get a bit obsessed with the numbers, but I can feel clothes fitting better. Which is actually fabulous, until, about 2 – 3 weeks in I fall spectacularly off the wagon. A treat inevitably leads to the mindset “well, I’m out of ketosis now, I might as well go for it”. And I do. Proper binging on high sugar high carb foods. Even a little bit of bread or cake can make me have bad stomach pains and bloating, but I push on through the pain to really have as much as I can. It can be up to 2 weeks before I feel ready to start the plan again.

As you can imagine it means weight is slowing but surely creeping on and staying on.

I am eager to hear from anyone who can identify with this pattern or who has found the ability to overcome it. Perhaps suggestions for psychology/self-help books?

My favourite books are John Briffa’s ‘escape the diet trap’, Gillian Riley ‘stop overeating’ books and ‘The Obesity Code’. Unfortunately, when I am on a binge, I avoid these books out of a sense of guilt.

One pattern I know I need to break is my ‘all or nothing’ mentality. For example if I have a binge then I will skip any exercise, but if I am eating and feeling well I will step up the exercise. My house also depends to be tidier or messier depending on how healthy and together I am feeling.

Blah, what a ramble. Well done if you’ve stayed with it!
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I've done the same thing. I've dieted for a couple of weeks so definitely should have lost about 3 stone...haha....and when I don't feel slimmer, after restricting, I think "sod it" I'm going to eat and drink enough to feed a whole family. It's such a terrible cycle as you feel really guilty, put the weight back on...and more....and it just keeps going.

I've been doing the 2:3 (or 3:4 when I feel like it) and because dieting is restricted to just two days it seems doable. There's no falling off the wagon because the wagon is full most days. I'm eating consciously on my "feast" days but it's not controlling me like it was, so if I want to eat pie then I will because I know that the next day makes up for it. So far I've lost 1.5 stone and still feel motivated.....which I haven't done for so long in years...! I'm vegan so like a high carb, high good fat diet. I've severely cut my drinking, as they're empty calories and I was definitely eating more after a couple of glasses than when drinking water.

I don't know if any of this helps, but know that it's a cycle that so many of us deal with....and it's ourselves we need to get past. Good luck Goldi-chocs xx


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Thanks for your reply, actually Intermittent Fasting is something I get on with quite well (again, when I'm in The Zone).
I try not to eat until about 11 or midday, having just some buoillon or a coconut coffee if I fancy something. On a bad day though I'm head first into The Frosties by 8am!
I think I really need to not buy trigger foods, even if other people in the family like them. Trigger foods for me are Frosties, French fancies, Flapjack..... clearly I need to stay away from foods beginning with F.....
The problem I have with 5;2 is that if I'm not low carbing I get real hunger pangs and struggle a great deal with the 500 calorie days. But I'm not ruling out another go at it!
Drinking is definitely something I need to cut down on. Ironically, I drink more when I'm low carbing as I get my 'high/reward' that way. Slippery slope......


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S: 13st4lb C: 12st9lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 0st9lb(4.84%)
Been watching a few of those 'my 600 lb life' documentaries, and the one thing they all seem to have in common, at least at the beginning of their journey, is the lack of responsibility they take for their situation. I find myself (mentally) screaming at the television "stop making excuses and blaming other people - only you can do this".
It's worth remembering that exactly the same applies to me. I choose and cook my food. I can eat whenever I like, I am not restricted in any way. So the fact I am cycling like this, means I am choosing to. Might need to do a bit more work around this, why I am sabotaging etc.

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