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Cant stop eatin


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Stop now and get your bum back on track!

Think of that silver 7 and just how close you are!


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what has made you munch for three days? But start a new day and plan activities so you dont sit and then have the munchies :)


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are you due your totm,,i eat all around me just before they arrive,,which is strange as on discover it never happened but does with pp:(

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That fact you came on here proved you want to get back on track so just ignore what you have eating the past few days and start afresh - even if you have to start mid way throught he day, honestly it will make a big difference to your wi by getting back on track - tell yourself that you deserve the weight you want to achieve and that you have had plenty of day's off over the years (that seems to work for me so hope it does with you) Let us know how your getting on and if you have to grab something to nibble have carrots already peeled and chopped in the fridge ready for you to just grab with some v low fat humous or v low fat salsa - it works coz most times its the hand to mouth action we miss (i found this really helped me when I gave up smoking as well) Good luck.


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Ive been the same this week - keep under control (some anyway) & managed to STS - keep going & good luck!!!


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Tomorrows another day. When you wake up tomorrow sit and have a wee think of why you started WW in 1st place. See if that helps, if not think of how far youve come. You dont want to throw that away do you?


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I know the feeling. Ive been like that the last two days. I think its tiredness that makes me eat more, now its Sunday the day when I usually use 10 of my weekly points and I havent got any left. So today im being careful to only use what I have. Roll on Tues when I get my weekly points back lol. Just do the best you can and draw a line under it, it isnt the end of the world. Good luck xx
I know the feeling! Try surrounding yourself with zero or low point snacks. I think I've eaten too much fruit too quickly so have filled the fridge up with low point yogurts and jelly and individually wrapped ww treats. Individually wrapped helps so I don't eat them all in one go!


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Great advice already given, get back on track, put the last 3 days out of your mind and get back on the wagon, it's just a little set back.. You can do this and u have done so well already.. pm me if you want to