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Can't stop nibbling please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all, I am soooo down. For the last couple of days I have been skipping my shakes, soups because I keep eating stuff out of the fridge. ham, corned beef, cheese, even to the point were I go to the shop buy a small packet of wafer thin ham and eat it on my way home, I'm so worried I cant get back to ssing and I so want to do well. Please help any suggestions.:cry::cry:

I suppose this is because I was so smug about my 3lbs loss after my 4 day break in London, and eating just protien.:cry::cry::cry:

Oh my god what am I going to do I need this soooo much, I'm gutted.:break_diet:
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MUST get a grip
Harsh words.... Yes you can stop nibbling and it really is that simple..... Keep away from the fridge! You dont need to go in there xxxxx

Having said that if you are only eating protein why not do AAM for the rest of the week until you can let go of the food again...

Remember hun, this diet is NOT all about SS'ing there are choices available and most importantly JUST because you are unable to SS at the moment does not mean you cannot and are not dieting.....

You can do this hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Right, that's it, you've done the cheat now pull the finger out of the fridge, tell the shopkeeper not to give you any ham and give yourself a mental slap. You've done fabby so far, it's early days still so learn that these cravings are not real, it's just your head, sometimes I really think I need something to 'eat' but it's just my subconcious, this diet kills demons if you listen to them and recognise what your triggers are. Take pride in not listening to them, ignore the fake pangs, get some jobs done round the house, leap around to some music, and make a huge beaker of green tea, or whatever instead.

Hope I wasn't too harsh, turn that 22 down 33 to go into 33 down 22 to go then slide all the way to goal xx
Thanks for the advice, everyone. Time4me thanks thats a good idea but I think doing the 4 day break in London and eating stuff is what started me off in the first place. Thats why this diet is good for me because I'm not supposed to eat.once I get started on the food stuff I cant stop. WW SW Slimfast all give me opportunities to eat and I always eat to much.
Thanks you all anyway.

You know the worst thing, is that people are starting to tell me I look really well, and I feel it.
Dancing you just made me cry! You seemed to hit the nail on the head. Thank you sooooooo very much.
I will get back I know I will.


MUST get a grip
Yes - missing the packs is the wrong thing to do but you can and will get back Carol, you know that you dont actually NEED the food its the habit and chatterbox - whack it away! Losing your weight is MORE important than whatever is in the fridge - which will still be there when you are at goal or in maintenance and able to eat it & enjoy it and feel no guilt or reprisals afterwards.



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Dancing has come to my rescue once or twice I can tell you! I've been where you are and had to go up to the 810 plan for the simple reason I would have eaten too much. I didn't snack all the time, but the craving nearly drove me mad. So I did the 810, in fact I ended up doing 2 AAM, and a couple spoonsful of yoghurt mid morning or breakfast, and my 3 sachets. Lifesaver. This week I lost 4lb, but STS the week before. I'm continuing with the 810 this week as my BMI is nearly ok. It's a head thing. (ie all in your head.) I wasn't actually hungry and will freely admit it, but there is no describing the craving.....
I've been there and done it several times, you just need to stop yourself, go to bed give yourself a good talking to and don't do it again. Believe me this time my turning point was walking to the fridge looking at what I wanted to eat and told myself to walk away and think about it within about 15 minutes th craving had gone and I went to bed feeling chuffed with myself that I'd finally resisted something.

You can do this, it's just a case of putting the switch in your head back to CD mode.
Thanx again to you all, your so supportive. Today is the morning after the thread I sent out and since I got all your support i HAVE NOT EATEN ANYTHING.

THANKX AGAIN. I'm back on track :party0049::party0049::party0049:
Well done carole, you CAN do this! Just take it a minute at a time, then hour by hour, then before you know it you've done 1 day, which turns into 2 days and then you're back on track again.

You go girl!


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Glad to hear you are back on track. Keep up the good work. I think coming on here and admitting what you have done is very brave, and you get brilliant advice (as you can see from all the posts in this thread). You realise that there are so many people out there like you, and how they get through these little blips. I'm finding it hard being on SS again after a planned week off, but I want to lose weight and this is the quickest way for me to get there, which has helped spur me on
Thanx again to everyone who has supported me through this little blip.

Your all amazing.


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I've read through your thread, see - you thought you couldn't do it and just by putting your mind to it you've succeeded today. Well done and hope it continues tomorrow.​

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