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I've never done this plan, so I don't know exactly how you will be affected. However, I offer the following advice for anyone who has fallen off the wagon, even if only a little. You cannot change what has happened. There is no point being angry with yourself. It is very hard, especially with hormones thrown in. Just draw a line under it, don't beat yourself up - we've all been there - and get back on plan. True at all times. Even more true during this lockdown
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Hey Jenni and Miss Scarlett

I agree with Miss Scarlett.... don't beat yourself up, you cant change it. Periods SUCKKKKKKKKKK. I had mine in my first week back on cambridge too and I was starving and you shouldnt really be on step one but theyve changed it a bit so I dunno why its happening. I used to keep some protein like some plain chicken or some boiled egg. The diet is meant to work, or it used to work, by cutting carbs right down so youd go into fat burning mode called ketosis which stops you being hungry. I don't think you will gain weight, but you may lose a tiddly bit slower than you would have. Just drink plenty and maybe you could do the step above and have the low carb meal on the weeks you have your period in future? x