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"can't tell you've lost weight"


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So I'm on my 6th week of Lipotrim and I've lost over 2 stone, and to be honest nobody has actually commented on my weight loss apart from my mum lol.

So, I'm at college today, and somebody who I haven't seen since before I started Lipotrim (he knows I'm on it) commented that he can't tell I've lost any weight! lol, well, talk about a demoraliser! I thought I was looking well! :confused:

Anyone had any similar experiences? :confused:
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oh how annoying!!! Although i thought i was looking really different after losing 3 stone, and no one could tell, no one commented!!!

then once i lost the 4th stone (i has A LOT to lose) people did notice - then i changed dramatically.

it'll happen and it'll happen quickly once it starts!!

dont let it demoralise you, after all, you're not doing it for them! xxx
Hey Aaron,
I'm very nearly 3 stone down - and this is exactly what's happening to me right now, my partner says he can really tell, but no other comments from other people yet. It's very frustrating.
Let's just keep going, sooner or later, people are going to start noticing, how can they not?!


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Nope same here, one comment from someone who was probably being polite. I'm 2lbs off it being 2stone off. I've dropped almost 2 dress sizes...however..before, I was so embarrased about the fact I'd got big (and coupled with the fact it was winter!) I had been wearing HUGE jumpers..and even now, although the trousers are smaller I'm still wearing those same jumpers, because I'm so bloomin' cold!

Plus people just don't notice these things, they're too involved with themselves. Or they're jealous!
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Well I lost 2.5 stone back last year and people were giving me nice compliments
but I was the one who couldn't see it since restart I have now lost what I gained back
and have got another 5 stone to go wonder if I'll be able to see it then lol:)
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man, im on day 3of lipotrim n ive been getting compliments of 3 people. yes theyre family but theyre honest too. guess one of the perks is my face looks smaller when i dont eat n so does my stomach. sorry lol this thread isnt for me, but go make ureself better with a lil pampering. so long as u know uve lost weight i mean heck 2 stones is what i want to lose, u shud be confident n happy that at least u cud do it. maybe its not jealousy, maybe they just not too good at observing. :p
S: 14st5lb C: 12st0lb G: 9st5lb BMI: 31.7 Loss: 2st5lb(16.42%)
hi im like you to ive lost 2 and half stone and nobody but people who no im on lipotrim have complimented me. dont worry about it it will happen soon enough and im sure it will feel great.

hope you feel abit happier soon.



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Only my colleagues who I can actually call friends have commented and say I look so different and its obvious I've lost weight. Yet funnily enough the other 20 people who I work closely with haven't said a word!

I can see a difference I've still a way to go but I know I look different because I also feel different. There are just some people who either don't want to say anything in case it's awkward or they offend you. Then there are those that are jealous and envious that you wont be bigger than them any more. There's a few of those I know!
Don't let it get you down! You've made such an achievement! They may not have said for the reasons people have mentioned above.

As long as YOU feel good and know what you've achieved then don't let other people bother you *hugz* x
S: 13st3lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 2st4lb(17.3%)
i am nearly at a 2 stone loss and over the past week have noticed that people either notice straight away and say something,or they look at you for ages trying to figure out what is differnt about you(this annoys me) or they just dont notice and then when they see a shake and ask about it..they then lie and say "i thought you may have lost some weight" and when you turn around and say nearly 2 stones,they nearly drop to the floor which is quite amusing


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Don't be down about it, some may just be envious and not want to compliment you.

You have lost loads, be proud of what you have accomplished so far your doing great. I bet a couple extra lbs they will all be noticing!!!:D
S: 16st1lb C: 14st0lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 28.9 Loss: 2st1lb(12.89%)
definatley be proud of your acheivement so far, you stick with it dont let it get you down, before long you will have compliments comeing thick and fast xxxx
S: 10st0lb C: 10st0lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 25.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Same here, i actually had someone say to me... dunno why your putting your self through this cos you cant even tell!!!!!! Huff! I just think its jealousy to be honest! i think some people are scared you will lose weight and lose your insecurities! Just dont LET IT GET TO YOU. I KNOW MYSELF THAT IM AM LOSING WEIGHT AND LOOKING MUCH BETTER FOR IT AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERS! (OOps sorry for the caps!)

Keep up the good work and you will get compliments from the people who matter in your life. Sod everyone else!!! x
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Aaron I bet when you hit the 3 stone loss, thats when people will notice, people have notice ive lost weight but thats only coz its come off my face.. My head doesnt look in propotion with my body now hahaha.
Im sure it wont be long before people are noticing and to be honest I dont think a lot of people like to say incase the offend you x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
S: 21st0lb C: 12st12lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 8st2lb(38.78%)
Aaron, don't despair. This is sooo common. We are so built up ourselves to notice the difference that we think everyone else should do too. Also, you may be wearing a lotof the same clothes or even still buying loser fitting gear. If you wear new more tightly fitting clothes then people really notice!!
I was down 3 stone and at least two sizes smaller but no one commented, even people who had not seen me for a while. I was gutted till I realised a) not everyone is obsessed with looking at us b)we need to wear clothes to suit our new shape and size.
Take heart and keep at it, you will be the butterfly emerging in a short while!!!
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Awww Aaron *hugs*

What a cheeky poohead he is. Even if he is telling the truth, he could have kept it to himself! Men don't tend to notice these things. Listen to your Mummy as Mummy never lies ;)

Did you take a 'before' pic? If you did post it with one now and we will tell you if we see a difference. We're always honest in here!

People didn't comment on me until I had lost about 5 stone. I was a hell of a lot heavier than you though, so it wasn't as noticeable until I'd lost a big amount. I couldn't even see it in myself until I'd lost about 7-8 stone. Body dysmorphia thing going on.

I'm with Molly - Wear tighter fitting clothes. I usually wear big baggy sweatshirts when I go to the gym, but lately I've been wearing tight fitting gym clothes, and the comments I get in the gym are thick and fast. People have even said they only notice more now because I'm wearing clothes that properly fit and show off my body.

Tighter clothes can be a bit daunting if you are used to covering up to hide the bulk. They do become addictive though, and you'll soon find yourself looking for things that cling!
S: 13st11lb C: 11st11lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.1 Loss: 2st0lb(14.51%)
Don't let them get to you... You arnt doing this for them, and if no-one passes comment you know what... You don't need them too- you have achieved enough for YOU to be proud of yourself.. Don't let it get to you, I get she's on anoter diet again!!! Comments all the time and the worst is " she will only pit it back on so why comment" , so you see whoever really comment is someone who is really interested in you not someone who just wanats to have a go.. Oh and no one stone off nearly and no-one has noticed- not even me lol
Yep - been there...

Took a while before people noticed but I didn't start changing dress sizes till I'd lost 2.5st (ish), now I'm 3.5st I get LOADS!

Particularly as I've done it since changing jobs, so haven't seen people whilst loosing - they've just seen 'the new me!'.

Keep going hun, you can no doubt see - and feel - the difference and they WILL see it soon enough.

Well done on your losses so far x
ahh arron.i know how you feel.
my friend said this to me the other day and it totally makes sense maybe it'l help...
weight loss is like a puddle of water (ok hear me out!)
when you have a big puddle you dont know how deep it is, then the sun comes out and gradually it evaporates over a period of hours.
You check back every hour and it still looks the same. Then you go back and suddenly you can see the bottom of the puddle.

So if you put that in weight loss terms it makes sense..well to me anyway :) hth xxx

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