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Cant think of breakfast ideas


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You should try these new biscuits called Belvita. Your supposed to have a pack of 4 for breakfast each biscuit is 56 cals. They actually really feel you up and really tasty. x


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Not sure I wanna get felt up by biscuits =^-^=

Righty! Breakfast ideas:
Oatso Simple: Comes in a variety of flavours, about 250 calories a serving if made with semi-skimmed milk. All pre-measured, so it's an easy thing to make at bleary-o'clock.
Toast: Two slices. I'm keen on Kingsmill Oats & More. Very tasty. About 220 calories with a reasonable (i.e. not lashings) amount of NotButter.
Beans on Toast: Two slices, a half tin of beans. About 300 calories.
Cereal: Measure 30g of the cereal of your choice. Most cereals tell you the calorie content of a 30g portion. If you're like me you'll cry at how little 30g seems to be, but you get used to it :D
Fruit salad and yoghurt: Chop up an apple, banana, throw in a few grapes... Basically whatever combination of fruit you fancy so long as it's no more than about 200 - 250 calories. Then add a dollop or two of fat-free natural yoghurt. Omnomnom!

'Owzat for starters?


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I generally have a bagel for breakfast - the Weight Watchers ones are 150cals, and I have either some low fat butter spread (10g) for 50cals, or some low fat cream cheese and ham for about 50cals - that is a 200cal breakfast, and is realy filing and it doesn't taste like diet food at all!
I eat breakfast around 5 am so it has to be filling and I have any of the following:

Two eggs beaten up in the microwave for a minute and a quarter with two grilled Quorn rashers and some tomatoes on two slices from a 400 g loaf.

A 300 g tub of Asda or Tesco low fat cottage cheese - the pineapple one or onion and chives is good, with a couple of large tomatoes

If Oatabix or Weetabix and semi skimmed milk are to your liking, that is good to have, but when I have that I get ravenous a couple of hours later.

Some tinned fruit in natural juice with a fat free sugar free yoghurt on top.

My brain is a bit numb at the moment but if I think of more I will be back!


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For breakfast I generally have:

Tomato and mushrooms on toast (mushrooms cooked in a little tom puree + grilled tomatos)

Cheesey mushrooms on toast (mushrooms cooked in some light phili/ a laughing cow light

Laughing cow on toast - if in a rush (i think it keeps me full way longer than butter for some bizarre reason)

Scrambled egg on toast

:D I'm sure there's a theme in there somewhere!

Sometimes I'll just have lunch or dinner food for breakfast too.
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For breakfast I usually pick between;

Banana on 2 slices of Nimble Bread
or an omelette



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i got a lot of ideas for brekkie as i get bored eating the same old things.

2x eggs, beans, 2x ww bread = 340

30g special k, banana and cutard muller light poured on top, strawberries and pineaple pieces = 300

peanut butter on 2x ww bread = 200

muesli and milk - 200

cottage cheese topped on 5x cracker bread with tomato slices - 150

mushroom fried in a bit of butter on 2 slices of ww bread, grilled tomato and bacon - under 300

egg and bacon omlette with tomato, onions, and philly cheese - 200


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What about 2 toasted crumpets with a scraping of low fat philli, sliced banana on top then grilled for a bit under the grill with some cinnamon. Really tasty and only about 300 cals


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hi i have magic porridge = 28g porridge oats mixed up with a mullerlight apricot one is nice cover bowl with cling film and leave in fridge its lovely and creamy by the morning.(sorry but without checking i think thats about 2ookcals)

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