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Cant wait for class party

We are having one,with lots of nibbles,as long as we all bring something. It is gonna be fun:)
Oooh i hope we're having a class party! Especially if we can have cocktail sausages (quorn of course!) :)
Every single class is having a party hun. Starts the last week of September. Your consultant should have been sent some invitations and the plan is for everyone to bring someone (no obligation) for a huge party.
Some classes are having a theme, we are all dressing in red, bringing red food for the SOTW basket and also trying to bring in 1960's style food for the buffet.
Should be fun!
Every single class is having a party hun. Starts the last week of September. Your consultant should have been sent some invitations
Oh REALLY?! My consultant did eventually get some stock etc. (I was moaning about her on here before) but didn't do Woman of the Year and hasn't mentioned this! I'm going to put a question about it on our group's Facebook page...
Hmmm...not heard of this yet! Will have to ask my C!


Nojo on the YoYo
We're having the party too, and we're dressing in red and all bringing some 60s music, someone is trying to find TOTP or an equivalent of TWICM for 1969, haha!

Our C said MMB wants to get us in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest ever simultaneous birthday party.
Yes sw is sending the C a disc with all 60's music :stickdance:, and our C said he is bringing one massive cake and its not gonna be SW friendly we all cheered hehehe, tbh i think he was winding a lady up as she going away and her face was a picture, yes i got invitation which he only got other day with party hats balloons and banners :553:. And Guinness book of records have agreed for it to be entered if we can break the biggest party :D ohhh gonna be sooo good i reckon and what will these boards be like that week hahaha :party0023: partyyyy on


Nojo on the YoYo
I reckon some of them CBA. My C made a joke about telling her if we hear of anyone's C not doing this and she'll snitch on them
We too are having a red themed party, we have been asked to wear something red, bring in party food with red incorporated into it, we normally have a cake on special occasions too. She said we will be having balloons and banners too. Just need to decide what to food to take to class with red in. Might just have to buy some red food colouring lol.


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Boo, I haven't heard about this yet either. My C is on holiday just now and won't be back until two weeks yesterday so hopefully it won't be too late by then.
Am so jealous.

Might have to have a party myself. Or.....................

we could have a forum party? Work out a time and date, start up a thread and have a party on here?
We got told about this today too! We're also wearing red and bringing in low-syn h/m party food/nibbles :D

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