Badly run SW group (I think)


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I joined a SW group around 6 weeks ago and have missed 2 of these weeks due to lack of confidence in my consultant.
When I joined there was only 1 lady on the ST so as I’d been on previous ones I said I would join, (I am fully trained up on the system.)
Over the first week I had to ask for pens, certificate, sticky awards, stars, blue tack, paper clips etc.
She just said “they’ll be somewhere, don’t worry about it!”
I did worry and got everything ready. Even offered to take the stickers home, cut them up and sort them. I ended up using one of my compartmented boxes to put them in.
Did I get any thanks?
There are also these other things that are niggling at me,
1 I completed my Body Magic Bronze Award, she doesn’t check the FIT Logs and does not keep the certificates or stickers in stock.
2 She takes 45 - 60 minutes to do Welcome take and then complains when people can’t stay past 8:30pm (weigh in starts at 7.15pm) because of having to get home to children.
3 Unless I am there, the SOW, SOM, BM and Target boards are not kept up to date and members are not allowed to move their own stars, if they even have one on there.
4 She will not let us share recipes, or if we do they have to be less than 2 minutes, is it our fault that she cannot run to time?
5 Small things like gravy granules which on the whole would have a syn value she tells new members to ignore have as much as you want.
6 The one other lady on the ST does not pay or WI with the rest of us, they wait until everyone has left and she is weighed in free of charge with a consultant card.
I really don’t know what to do. I don’t drive so I had to choose the group closest to me.
Do I make an official complaint to SW? I haven’t seen an area manager since I started.
What's an ST? Maybe a call or an email to Slimming World making an official complaint?
If you don't want to do it get someone else to email them and they can say they were going to go to this class but have heard how badly run it is etc etc.
I called the helpline at Head Officeand they’re sending someone to review the group. In the mean time I am to back off and do less organising and just do weigh in. They need to see what is happening without the input on f someone more used to how a group is run (the consultant in question only started in May last year and has slipped through the regular normal check ups for some reason).
Asked if I would want to be a consultant, was very flattered but I don’t drive!
Well done on reporting this! I went to a group with an incredibly bad consultant at one point. She had no people skills or tact, was super condescending and was the absolute worse role-model ever as she put on weight faster than the group lost it. By the time I left the group she was larger than half of the members! When a second SW group started up in the same town loads of people switched and not long after she announced that she was quitting. I often wonder if she was asked to step down.