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  1. LitaJae

    LitaJae Member

    So i am nearly completing week 2 of Cambridge SS!!!

    I previously tried the Lipotrim diet which is also TFR but after 4 weeks and 2 stone stopped!! The limited 3 flavoured shakes bored me to death!!!

    So after regaining a stone I joined cambridge diet and too be honest I am really enjoying it!! I got into ketosis quite easily without a lot of the side effects, maybe because I knew what to expect but came with a real determination this time. I am loving the variety of shakes (except mango) and feel this is making it easier for me.

    On a couple of days I have had 3 shakes and 2 boiled eggs with some veg. (The step up)(4 shakes because of my height) but that was because of the psychological aspect not because of hunger. But even the flexibility of being able to do that is helping me so much.

    Week 1 I lost 12 lbs so super happy about that just looking forward to seeing what happens this week.

    Look forward to learning about others CD stories and hoping I can encourage at least one other person on their weight loss journey! !

    Take care and thanks for reading!!

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  3. LitaJae

    LitaJae Member

    So i had my second weigh in today and it's another 6 lbs off!! That's 18 lbs in 2 weeks!!!

    I'm super happy right now another 2.5 stones till I reach my interim target!!

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  4. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    That's amazing! Well done you!!! Makes you feel great doesn't it! Xxx
  5. LitaJae

    LitaJae Member

    Thank you so much!!! It is great can't wait to wear smaller clothes!!!

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  6. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    your doing really well, fantastic losses . keep up the good work and you will be at tartget in no time.xx
  7. LitaJae

    LitaJae Member

    So i had my 3rd weigh in today and it's another 4 lbs off!!! Would love it to be more but I know that I haven't drank enough this week and also have been having evening meals instead of shake!!! So to be honest I am happy about that! What im even more happy about is that I have lost 22 lbs in 3 weeks and I am fitting into a size 16 dress!!

    I actually love Cambridge Diet!!

    I got the ser berry water flavouring today and this stuff tastes so good!! It's really going to help me increase my water intake!!

    I'm going away this week so have got loads of bars and tetras to get me through!!!

    Wish me luck!!

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  8. Willpowerwoman!

    Willpowerwoman! Silver Member

    Wow what an amazing start 22lbs in 3weeks! Very inspiring as I'm starting tomorrow. :)

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