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Can't wait to start

I have taken my time making the decision to start LL and then spent 2 weeks convincing my husband that we could afford it so finally contacted my nearest LLC and left a message. That was a week ago and no reply! Contacted a different one last Thurs and no reply agin. Now I know we've had Easter in between and the councilers do probably have a life but I am soooo frustrated. I can't wait to start and have sat by the phone for a week now! I know I'm being impatient but now i've made up my mind I want to start immediately. My husbands worried that i'm pinning everything on this and what if it doesn't work but I feel so positive that it will. Oh damn phone rinnnnng!!
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hi there
its frustrating waiting - i had about 5 weeks before i started.
i'm really glad tho looking back as when i did start i was totally ready for it. i haven't lapsed or even been tempted to lapse, i have found it sooo easy which i don't think i would have done if i hadn't been completely ready.

yes, its frustrating - but the wait will be worth it
daisy x
oh how annoying, i know what you mean, i'm keen to get started too! Ive had an initial meeting with the LLC and have been to my docs and had my form filled in and signed, so am taking that to the LLC today, hopefully i'll be started by the end of the month. good luck. we have around the same amount of weight to lose. where are you based? xxx
Phoned again this morning and got a reply! Am going to meet her Thurs and start next Wed!!! Sooo excited but really really nervous too.
Rainbow, I am in Essex, I am lucky that my LLC has a group starting next week, so she is squeezing in an introduction for me and says that my doctors surgery should do my form imm so have made an appointment for Fri. I don't think I could of waited much longer, when I've made my mind up about something I normally want it there and then x
i wanted it ther and then too - i am an all or nothing kinda person lol, but ther was no way that a) my docs would sign my form ther and then, b) ther was no appointments anyway so i had to drop my form off and take my own BP and PR and just hand the print out to the recpeptionist and c) ther was no group starting, so i'm kinda stuck with waiting. Does your docs charge to sign the form? x
I'm not sure whether they charge or not, I would probably gain another stone if I had to wait as long as your having too. Still at least you have your forms back so you've started the process. My LLC I spoke to this morning said nothing about getting the forms ok'd by HO, she just said to make sure I had them signed by my first session next week, maybe there isn't a new group ready to start at the end of the month where you are? Good luck with it anyway, I'm sure we'll both be posting alot more on here in the next few weeks!
Sounds like we will be starting at the same time - I go to get my form signed on Monday evening, and start my first meeting on Tuesday evening..
I look forward to following your journey.
Good Luck
so pleased you are going to be able to start soon
daisy x
Debs, you get to start one day before me! Form is signed off and returned to LLC now so am just waiting till Wed. Looking forward to meeting the rest of the group and wondering what they will be like? Went for my last meal out last night and really enjoyed myself, I said to the girls, that was soo nice, have to go there more often, then realised actually I can't. Had a bit of a 'what am I doing moment' but to be honest am so excited about loosing this weight that I'm really not bothered. Good luck on Tue, roll on Wed x :)


is loving CWP xx
Good luck to all of you starting next week.

It really is the best decision you can make to do this journey.

I was thinking the same the night I got my packs. But am really glad I am doing it now.

Congratulations on making a positive change for the better and look forward to seeing the weight drop off each week x x


Full Member
Good luck both of you with starting off - I too couldn't wait to get started and am loving the plan :) Try and cut back on some carbs if you can in the days running up to starting which will help with the side effects. And come join us on the April starters thread! xx
Glad you've started girls

Good luck. I'm sure you'll be fine. Plenty of support on here from everyone.
I know what you mean. once you've made the decision to do LL you just want to get started don't you?
Our LLC said if you've waitedthis long to do it then a little longer won't hurt. it also gives some time for reflection and tests your motivation. All valid points really.
But welcome to LL, I look forwatd to seeing your progress.

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