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Carb blowout..

This weekend has been a complete mess. Feel guilty and depressed. Started on Thursday and I knew it was happening because I was stressed as my relationship is breaking down. No excuse meant - but when I feel sad I eat. Anyway I have gained 2lbs. Feel gutted and angry that I let my emotions rule my food intake.

Going to try and get back on wagon tomorrow - cannot let this beat me. :sigh:
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Aw hun - I've been there (I think we all have at one time or another). The most important thing isn't that you fell off the plan, it's that you are going to get up tomorrow and start again!

I know it's hard... you have a little bit, then a bit more, and then it turns into a massive binge. Emotions are a huge part of it, just try not to give into them. If it gets too hard, just come here and talk it out - someone will help :)

Don't worry about the two pounds. Tuck the memory of what was making you eat aside, and remember it the next time you get upset or are wanting to eat lots of things you shouldn't. Eventually, food won't be the first thing you think of if something's bothering you. It gets easier, I promise!

Hang in there, and make all your LC favourites tomorrow. And be kind to yourself, okay?

Seraphine xx
It's hard to focus when you have emotional problems love, do your best darling, that's all that can be asked of you.
Thanks for the replies..
Woke up this morning in a better mind-frame than yesterday. Had a low-carb breakfast and already had 1litre of water. Just going to take every day as it comes at the moment and then see where that takes me. Not giving up that easily though. :)
Good for you Gemsie, well done love.


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Good for you, you go for it hun - Iv'e been wobbly over the last few weeks, but find it helps spending as much time on here reading posts as possible whilst eating crispy bacon!


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It happens so no point beating yourself up about it Gemsie.

I was having serious carb cravings yesterday and the only thing which kept me going was knowing that today was weigh in day. Dont know what Id have done if it hadnt been.

Just get straight back on it and you will lose that 2lbs in no time.



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((((Gemsie))))) Lots of support here girl! Go for it. You are only doing for YOU! :) xx

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