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Carb counting i am doing this right


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Day 5 on Atkins and I have been playig it safe as I am in induction and sticking to nitrate free bacon, eggs, cheese and chicken.
I am going food shopping and will be looking for mare variations...chicken tandoori, korma, sausages. Am I right in thinking when reading the food label I check carbohydrates per sausage 0.4 etc or do i go by the carbs sugar, fat or sats.....:confused:
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Carbs are Evil
Yes you just check the carbs on the labelling x
Chocolate pudding? I thought you were buying sausages and chicken??


Just watch the labelling... the food manufacturers are tricky. On the front of most packages, there's that little "quick guide", and so many times I've seen "Sugar: 0.1%" and thought something was safe to eat. However, turn the pack around to read the FULL list, and while sugar might only be 0.1%, there may be an addition 30% of other types of carb hiding in there!

I recently picked up a stuffed chicken dish that was like this, but as it was wrapped in pastry, I knew the front of the pack had to be omitting some details!

Are you doing induction still? I'd probably give any type of chocolate pudding a miss - I don't know of any brands that might be carb friendly. When I really want something sweet, I have a little cream cheese mixed with splenda, or a "dessert omelette" (eggs, cream cheese, a bit of regular cheddar and splenda - make it sweet rather than savory, and it's like a french crepe). If you aren't on induction, there's other things you can try with dark chocolate or unsweetened bakers chocolate (I used to make some mean peanut butter cups with this, but am trying to avoid extra temptations right now)

Good luck on your new way of eating - this is a great way to lose weight and feel good!
Oops - sorry, I found AthenaGold's pudding post that you were talking about! That one sounds fine!! (I thought you meant something like the Flake puddings that my son loves)

Way to go on your 7 pounds! Excellent news!


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hahahah Oops - sorry, I found AthenaGold's pudding post that you were talking about! That one sounds fine!! (I thought you meant something like the Flake puddings that my son loves)

Not even tempted (haha). Yeh know what you mean about labels I have been looking at carb content. Think not eating enough though I have not been hungry but you know when you just want something sweet. Tried an omelette last night with Spoon of Philly mixed in with beaten eggs and then fried that then when set added my cheddar and it was yum yum delicious, that was from atkins book.
I am still on induction yeh going to try making those mims everyone talks of if i can find flaxmeal, seed or whatever. Got all other ingredients in ready. Im okay with breakfast (who desnt like to eat scram eggs n bacon etc but get stuck for lunches and teas other than omeletes and chicken. Not pork or fish eater might try a burger tonight bought a bag of homemade coleslaw stuff added mayo and that was nice with some tandoori chicken, need more ideas....
If it's an EU product, just the carb count, if it's US or outside the EU you can subtract the fibre as well.


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Thanks Jim, lost 8lbfirst week so chuffed. Just need to keep it up now.....whats your view on shakes as a meal replacment Jim as I find I am not hungry for lunch...
Ha, I'm the Carb Nazi round here, so I'm not the person to ask about Frankenfoods. ;)

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