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Carb cravings uncontrollable!

Hey people, new here! I have one simple problem: The carb binges are uncontrollable. Today, I ate an entire big packet of crisps, a sandwich, 3 chocolates, an entire tube of fruit pastels, a can of rice pudding and a tiramisu cake. Part of the problem is that I'm a long term sufferer of depression and anxiety. Although I've brought them under control, I never really recognised that binge eating of sugars (carbs) was one of my ways of coping. Tried dieting before, but I always ended up binging. It got me thinking, instead of always blaming myself for food urges I can't (yet) control, I should think about ways to control carb cravings. So, what things can I do to lessen the cravings?
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Hi there, welcome to my world :eek:
I am currently undergoing therapy for my long term depression. One of the issues we are adressing is the binging as it's such a huge part of my life. If I didn't binge I wouldn't be overweight!
Things that help me (but not necessarily you)
Keep a diary and write things down, thoughts feelings etc at the time of needing to binge
Exercise, probably not what you want to hear but this is probably the most useful of all my "tools"
Don't keep any binge foods in the house. If I need them I have to make the effort to go out to get them....
If nothing works and I find myself binging, don't beat myself up. Just get back on the non binging path as soon as I can.

Good luck with this one. If you have anything that helps you please pass your tips along. I need all the help I can get :D
Hi there. I also wont keep the 'bad' foods in the house. Hard if you dont live alone. I now end up bingeing on cereal, cereal bars and fruit....not quite the same and feel less guilty. Another method I used to use a long time ago was to brush my teeth. That fresh mouth taste would stop me eating food. I havent been able to use this for myself for a while but it used to work and might help. Exercise like c2b is another one that works. I only binge if alone and at home so another way is to escape the confines of the house....but no this does not mean driving to the supermarket n buying binge food. Jumping in the bath and pampering yourself myt also be another distraction. Its about finding things that distract you. Thats my twopennies worth. All the best! x
Ive found if you cut out bad carbs by doing low carb diet your cravings are better in control.

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