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Carbs and net carbs, can someone help

Ive asked this question before.

The easiest way is count the total carbs on anything you eat which is the same as net carbs.

Its something to do with the rest of the world dont take out fiber so you have to minus the fiber from the total carbs to give net carbs, but as we are in the uk, we dont have to do this.

Just count the total carbs from any packs as net carbs.

Hope this makes sense!


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About the carbs/net carbs thing. I was reading something the other day about this that was interesting I thought. Will post a link at the end of this message.

I know whether to take the fibre off or not is a bit confusing as different countries have different rules and I've heard that the UK have possibly changed their ruling over it (in line with the EU..possibly...very vague on this.

anyway, I read this article
Marketing Tricks: Net Carbs, Sugar Alcohols, Tricky Portion Sizes

Not sure whether it is applicable for the way the UK now labels their carbs or not, but thought I'd post it anyway just in case.:D


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Thanks KD i think i'll leave it at carbs = carbs. I get totally lost otherwise;). How long do i have to do the introduction (or whatever its called) for? Sorry i suffer terrible brain block. Think i threw it out in a baby nappy somewhere along the line (mums will understand what i mean by this!!!!).
It's easy :D EU the carbs are as stated, rest of the world you need to take away the fibre from the net carbs.

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